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Your workout routine right now might involve some sit ups, push ups and battle ropes before an intense HIIT class at your local gym but there are definitely ways you can push yourself (and your body) just that one step further. Hitting the gym one, two, three times a week is a great way to focus on your health and stay active, but there are two reasons why doing the same type of exercises on a weekly basis is probably not the best way to lose weight, scroll down to find out just why!

The first reason why mixing up your workout is crucial, is because your body can easily reach a plateau where it gets used to certain moves and doesn’t burn fat anymore, but the other and more important reason why it’s important to mix up your workout routine is because you need to stay mentally stimulated and boost yourself to reach your next level of fitness. Repetition can get boring and make you very lazy…

One of the ways you can easily channel your inner athlete and truly push yourself is by trying some alternative workouts that are not only super popular, fun but also very effective for weight loss and strength training. Remember; training and workouts should not be a routine but become part of your lifestyle, so it’s definitely time to have some fun, whilst feeling great. This idea of living like an athlete is a very popular aspect of healthy living at the moment, with more professional classes open to the public, easy access to protein shakes and healthy eating, but also with a lot of new athletic-based training workouts you can enjoy such as the ones below.


This new trend is not only one we’re obsessed with at TWC but also one we truly take to heart. As Muhammad Ali fans, the opportunity to lose some steam on the soundtrack of Rocky III whilst feeling like the strongest person in the world has become our number 1 solution to get over breakups, fight our work stress and keep our post-holiday bikini bodies. Hitting boxing bags is known as being one of the best stress releasers of our time and is scientifically proven to be an amazing workout. According to research, boxing is also one of the highest calorie loss sport of our times (you can lose up to 800 calories per 30mins) but is also a fun, engaging and performance-based sport that will keep you on your feet!


This new trend is super popular in France and let me tell you; if losing some leg fat is your main goal, then this is your sport. Although boxing targets all over fat loss, this sport is much more focused on the lower body. You’ve got two options here, you can either join your local swimming pool’s hydro spinning classes or sign up to a private Aqua biking  gym in which you can book your own little swimming pool whilst enjoying some Netflix. Aqua biking is one of the best HIIT classes with the immense benefits of being underwater. Water is an added resistance which allows you to burn more calories, with little effort. The classes usually last 30-45 mins and will reduce cellulite and tone up your legs, bum, and tummy in a very short amount of time. The ideal workout if you’re running out of time to fit in those skinny jeans!


You’ve surely heard of the hype but we couldn’t understand why working out in a 27C + room could be an enjoyable experience until we actually tried hot yoga. Bikram (the original word for the sport) has proven to be very beneficial for your bodies as well as your mindfulness. See, Bikram is a practice that started in an already hot climate, in India, and because human bodies gravitate towards heat it also releases a relaxant or a soothing effect which helps bodies deepen into yoga postures and increase their flexibility. Many (wrongly) believe that the main goal of a hot yoga class is to  sweat your body weight off, but the heat is actually what helps detoxicating your body, therefore leaving you refreshed and glowing (rather than actually losing calories). Although this workout is, as mentioned, not as calorie-loss oriented as the other two, it encourages a higher level of physical exertion and leads to a sweaty workout which is also super rewarding. We highly recommend signing up to a class after a difficult week, before a big event or even to cure a hangover.


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