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Guys, it’s totally OK to ask for a little help from our friendly tech apps to lose a little weight this summer and ace that good old bikini body, but we want to make sure you don’t spend a stupid amount of money on apps that don’t really work.

You’ll find that apps can provide something a bit more useful than your gym buddy; they give you a step-by-step guideline of the best workouts, track your health progress, food intake and overall well-being which is super motivating because if think about it, your phone is always by your side so you might as well use it to its advantage!


Ever thought you could find a solution to not paying over £100 for a personal trainer? We have – discover PEAR sports, your personal fitness coach app. The app is hands-free and all you’ve got to do is place your headphones in your ears, and sweat on! The app offers a range of different exercises for a variety of fitness levels, with a fitness tracker that allows you to track your performance (and share with your friends). The app is only $5.99 per month (for the premium subscription which we recommend). You’ll honestly never regret getting PEAR on your phone – we promise.



I’ve been dying to get myself a Fitbit and haven’t gotten around to it just yet! The company itself makes a number of different technology products that focus on fitness, as well as numerous apps that help you stay healthy. The most popular aspect of the Fitbit however, is the step tracker which can easily push you to do more day-to-day exercise, but that is the most basic aspect of the technology. Fitbits calculate your calory loss, your sleep pattern, food intake… and much more! If you’re interested, you can go on the Fitbit website and do a short quiz to find out which model is best for you, starting at £50.



Many consider My Fitness Pal old-school and not sophisticated enough compared to all the other apps now on the market, but I swear by it. I love tracking my calory intake and I can’t get enough of the hundreds of daily recipes on the app. You can also track barcodes for exact calorie count which really helps because we all tend to cheat a little with grams and millimeters (guilty!). You can upgrade to premium if you want, but the free option is more than enough for tracking your calories!



This app is similar to My Fitness App but is a bit more simple. The feature we do love is that you can quickly enter food by snapping a quick picture of your plate – how cool is that! Lose it is also free and has a nice interface which is very easy to use, probably more user-friendly than the others. This option is great if you’re just starting out with health apps and it is a great introduction to food tracking.


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