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From HIIT workouts to energetic Zumba classes, and various relaxation practices and disciplines, it’s almost impossible *not* to keep fit these days. All you need is a solid WiFi connection, willpower, and a bit of space. Whether you work out on your kitchen floor, between your couch and your TV or in your bedroom, we are definitely not here to judge and are eager to help you out in your journey to creating the ideal gym environment in the comfort of your home. We’ve tried it all here at TWC between working out in a 30 sqm flat with barely enough room to stretch, having a cute and yet attention seeking puppy that makes it harder to focus on a yoga class, as well as having a limited amount of equipment – and yet we always manage to do our daily workouts thanks to some of the best videos available online!

Each week, we will share with you the latest workout video we tried, and an affordable accessory to show you that *yes* you can get fit without going to the gym, and that fitness only has to be effective, not expensive! 

Whenever we’re in a need for a good but active stretch, pilates is our absolute go-to workout of choice. It’s easy to think that pilates may not be tough enough or sweat-free, but I’m here to tell you that those may be very wrong thoughts. Not only is it low impact so yes no cardio is involved, but it tackles the core and those muscles in such a different but impactful way, you’ll leave the class drenched in sweat with sore muscles.

Pilates is all about creating long lines, targeting muscles you may not in your usual blend of weight training and running, and it also helps you find peace with yourself when you’re feeling out of touch or stressed. And I’m pretty sure we can all relate to that during these circumstances. So why not give it a try if you’re a newbie, and if you’re an experienced Pilates lover, then you don’t need any further introduction to Cassey Ho – founder of Blogilates. Cassey has won many accolades for her workouts, technique and fitness empire – she’s hard to resist and we love following her workouts in between meetings or at the end of the day. Check her out on Instagram here!

All you need for this workout are some cute leggings, and a good pair of sneakers!

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