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I don’t know about you, but I can never go and buy a new product without asking someone I look up to such as my mom, sister, aunt or even best friend. I am not *insecure* so to say but I am a proper Capricorn which means I love feeling supported in every decisions I make (annoying, I know).

Which is why it shouldn’t be surprising for you to hear that I almost always message my beauty guru (in my case: the one and only Maman) whenever I try a new product or adapt a new beauty routine. May I just add that one of the main reasons for this habit of mine stems from an awful rash I got from a somewhat un-expensive face mask I once purchased which let me tell you, almost costed me my face!

But enough about me, we would love to know what *your* first makeup experience was. Was it the first time you stole your older sibling’s lipstick and walked around in your mom’s heels? Or was it much later when you were out with some friends and spent the day trying out makeup in Sephora? Either way, I’m sure you all agree that some advice from our beloved and wise older family members is never something you can just brush off or dismiss.

Full lips

Although my mom was not necessarily one to encourage me to start wearing makeup at an early age, I remember always being amazed at her daily routine of applying her lip liner and her lipstick. Which is why, as soon as I was *allowed* to wear the occasional lip gloss, I would love to try her lip liners as well.

I feel like they aren’t as trendy anymore but I’ve recently been really into using lip liners again! I actually noticed how much nicer they make my lips look, and they stay on for so much longer! The trick here is that you can either use the liner to just go around your lips to give them a nice shape, or completely fill in your lips.

Quality Over Quantity

One of literally the best thing my mom has ever taught me, is the importance of buying quality makeup. I still remember the first day she bought me my first foundation (I used to have very bad skin) and she spent about 30 minutes helping me pick the best quality foundation for my skin type as well as my complexion. I never would have thought that there were so many brands out there but it’s also so important to take into consideration what the products can actually do to your skin!

I know I only mentioned foundation here, but it also goes for your shower gel, your deodorant, and even your toothpaste! Oh – and don’t forget the SPF in your foundation… Just remember that what some people call *luxury beauty* is a good investment, you won’t regret it.

Take Your Time

Finally, to finish off this little summary of my mom’s ultimate beauty tips that have literally made me the woman I am today, I cannot stress enough how important it is to take your time every morning and evening to do your skincare routine. As an adolescent, I never really took it seriously.

We’ve all been there, after a night out and jumping into bed without taking any makeup off and then regretting the sudden growth of pimples in the early morning, or even the regrets of not taking the time to properly moisturise your legs before a night out on the beach. I still remember sitting on the edge of the bathtub, catching up with my mom and witnessing her 20-30 minutes skincare routine before bed. It’s fair to say that my mom has amazing skin, and does her makeup perfectly! Convinced yet?

Now it’s your time, let us know in the comments below your best memories from your childhood when discovering the world of makeup and skincare. Did you also have a role model you looked up to?

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