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Who here loves a good spread of butter on a toasted piece of sourdough bread? Although I am all about cutting down on my carb and fat intake, there is no harm in treating yourself to a good old butter on toast with some cheese every now and again, but to give you some alternatives to the fatty condiment, here is what you could be spreading instead.

Have you ever sat down and thought about what butter actually is? Although it isn’t something I like to think about when I am eating a cheat meal, it’s important to know exactly, what you are putting into your body. Butter is a dairy product almost entirely made out of milk fat. It is actually made out of 80% fat, and researchers have shown that although it shouldn’t be consumed too often, proper grass-fed cow butter can actually be good for you (on small doses).

There are however many substitutes for butter out there but not all are particularly recommended. You should try to avoid processed butters such as margarine, and stay on the lookout for healthy options such as; coconut oil or butter, shea butter, hummus or avocado.

Coconut oil and butter

Although coconut oil has been getting somewhat of a bad reputation lately, with new studies claiming that the popular cooking replacement might not be as healthy as we had previously thought, coconut oil and butter is still a healthy option to cow milk butter. But just like everything else, don’t over eat it.

I wouldn’t particularly recommend spreading it on your toast in the morning, but it is a great replacement when baking and cooking. If you’re up for a bit of an experiment, why not try making some delicious energy balls to snack on, or adding coconut oil to your stir fry? I personally like the taste of the coconut but up to you to try it out!

Shea butter

Shea butter is commonly used in skincare as it helps promote healthy skin but is also a great alternative to butter. It is delicious, filled with antioxidants and contains essential fatty acids and vitamin E. When choosing your shea butter, however, make sure you purchase a pure and unrefined version and always check the labels to make sure there are no additives. You’ll notice it isn’t a cheap purchase, but I always suggest buying a small pot as you won’t need much at a time, and it tends to go bad rapidly.

Pumpkin puree

Yes, you heard right! Pumpkin puree is an awesome option to add to yogurt, bread and even cakes and muffins when baking! The puree has a lot of good ingredients such as vitamin K, potassium and fibre and only contains a few calories. You can either choose to make your own puree, or buy it in store.

Although some believe pumpkin to be a more seasonal ingredient around Autumn, I find the taste enjoyable all year long. If you are following a recipe with oil, make sure you replace the cup of oil with a cup of pumpkin puree, and if you use it as a substitute for butter, multiply the amount of butter by 3/4. You can also use half puree and half butter if you’re not the biggest fan of the taste.


Mashed avocado on toast has got to be a TWC’s favourite for a healthy snack or breakfast choice. Sure, avocado has fats but it’s all healthy! It’s delicious paired with eggs or inside your smoothie, and avocados offer all the benefits of fibre and phytonutrients. Additionally, recent research has shown the fats in avocados may help reduce the growth of cancer cells inflammation.

I personally love making this avocado butter recipe. It’s creamy, delicious and an excellent pairing in sandwich or mixed with other dishes.

How do you feel about putting your butter aside and trying one of our alternatives? If you have some other great options, we would love to hear about it! So please don’t hesitate to leave your comment below, or better yet share your plates on instagram by tagging us! 

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