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This month, we’re honoured to have partnered up with one of the fastest-growing sustainable fashion brand: Apparis. The New York-based label was co-founded by Amélie Brick and Lauren Nouchi and has gained a lot of recognition for their commitment to sustainability as well as their insanely creative faux fur coats and jackets.

Not only is Apparis working very hard to make fashion as environmentally-conscious as possible, they’re also a huge competition to their peers due to their accessible price tags that don’t compromise on style and quality! To celebrate this partnership, we’re excited to announce our exclusive discount code TWCFREE for our European shoppers and offer free shipping to France, the UK, Germany and Spain for 4 weeks only with a purchase over $150! We know you’ll absolutely love this brand so without further ado, meet Lauren and Amélie with whom we spoke all things fashion, sustainability and more!

Meet Lauren & Amelie, Co-Founders of Apparis

AG: Hello Lauren and Amélie! Thank you for taking the time to chat about your company – we’re so honoured to start this great European campaign with you. To get things started, could you please talk us through your inspiration behind the brand and why you thought it was important to create an eco-friendly fashion brand? How did you meet and when did you decide that working together could be the start of this amazing journey?

LAUREN: Amélie and I both witnessed the unethical manufacturing processes of skins, furs and other animal products while working in luxury fashion, and felt inspired to make it our mission to create products that are 100 percent vegan, cruelty free and better for the environment. We also wanted to create something that aligned with consumer values. Today, people don’t just care about being fashionable; they also care about how the things they buy, eat and wear are made. According to The Economist, a quarter of 25- to 34-year-old Americans say they are vegans or vegetarians, and the magazine officially declared 2019 the “year of the vegan,” which reaffirms everything we believe about our consumers.

AMÉLIE: We both grew up in Marseille, France, but didn’t meet until we were adults living in Boston. We were introduced by family friends, and six years later, we reconnected in Paris. We had dinner, drank lots of wine and talked about leaving our corporate jobs to start a business of our own. That’s when Apparis was born.

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AG: We’re curious, what do you both feel that you bring to the company style-wise? How would you describe your own personal style and how do you feel your skills combined has helped Apparis become what it is today?

LAUREN: I believe that bold designs and functionality can work together, and that’s really something we focus on when we create a collection. I have a bold style myself, so it feels very natural to create bold vegan coats. I think my partnership with Amélie is what makes Apparis what it is today. I’m the creative force behind the brand, and Amélie is the business mind. We complement each other, which is key in any partnership.

AMÉLIE: Lauren is the Creative Director. She designs the product and manages photography, production, merchandising and more, while I’m the CEO and take care of the business side (sales, distribution, etc.). We each have our own areas of expertise and communicate well.

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AG: We love the way you name your coats after inspirational women out there. Who would you say is the most inspiring person in the fashion industry at the moment? And how do you think fashion is able to empower women around the world?

LAUREN:  I love what Diane Von Furstenberg does to support female entrepreneurs, and it was a major accomplishment for me to collaborate with such a female entrepreneur icon. I am passionate about creating more opportunities for women. One of my goals is to create an entrepreneurship program for young women to give them the platform and funds to develop their ideas.

AG: We know treating your employees fairly and with respect is a very important part of your company culture at Apparis, which we absolutely admire here at TWC. Have you got any tips for entrepreneurs that want to start their own company and manage a small team? Is there anything you wished you had known from the beginning?

LAUREN: Follow your gut, find the right business partner (someone that complements and inspires you), have passion in what you want to do, and be humble. Do not be afraid of failure or question yourself. And listen to your market but do not pay attention to the noise. I wish I had known from the beginning that you cannot please everyone, especially when it comes to designs. It’s okay to not appeal to everyone and important to stay true to your brand.

AMÉLIE: When you launch a business, you have to be ready to start small. It’s very hard for a new business to be well-funded from the beginning, and so you usually don’t have access to capital and have employees. When we started, we really did all the jobs. It took us at least a few years to have our first employee, so really be ready to start small and do all the jobs. There’s so much I wish I had known from the beginning! We had zero experience building a business before Apparis. We figure a lot of things out as we grow (which is the fun part of building a business!) but a few things have been core to our success:

Surround yourself with talented and passionate people from day 1. Treat all of your partners, internal and external, as you would treat your best client. People want to help: I constantly leverage my network, professional and personal. Friends, family, investors, former colleagues, neighbors, parents at my kids’ school, etc. I constantly seek advice, help and introductions around me.

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AG: Your first ready-to-wear spring 2020 collection has just launched, how exciting! We just wanted to find out a bit more about the decision for Apparis to expand and a bit more detail about the pieces you are introducing?

LAUREN & AMÉLIE: We believe that when it comes to vegan fashion, there are no limits. We wanted to go beyond outwear, so we decided to develop classic shapes in vibrant colors, bold prints, and sleek, new cruelty-free fabrics, like vegan silk.

We have 19 bold new styles, including zebra-print dresses, metallic windbreakers and tie-dye sweaters. We’ve also updated our bestselling coats (the Goldie, Tukio and Paula) with hot new hues and fierce prints.

I think the Apparisian will like the boldness and colorful attributes of our SS20 collection. We added striking new animal prints like zebra and made sure to create fresh and trendy total vegan looks!

Make sure you stay up to date with their IG account, and don’t forget to purchase your brand new coat, and more, to get free shipping to Spain, Germany, France and the UK for 4 weeks only!

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