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The fashion industry is such a competitive world, making it more and more difficult to stand out with new concepts and ideas. Meet Giulia, the creative mind behind The Collecteur – a playful collection of still-life images representing fashion items in the most ingenious ways. Not only is this evidence that there’s still plenty of space for growth for inventive individuals in an already booming industry, but also that those young entrepreneurs truly encompass the future of fashion.

The photographic collages of the pieces on The Collecteur are fun, eye-catching and completely out of this world. So we started asking ourselves, how on earth do you come up with a concept as innovative as this one, and most importantly, where does all this creativity originate from? Thus here we are, sitting down with the art’s mastermind:

A: Hi Giulia! For one, we wanted to tell you how much we love your pieces! They’re mesmerizing, beautiful, quirky and mysterious all at once. Tell us, how and when did you start The Collecteur and come up with the concept?

G: Thank you! I started The Collecteur a few years ago just for fun. At the time, I had another job in the creative field but a much less fulfilling one, so I was looking for another way that I could express myself creatively. I was new to Instagram and saw how other artists were using the platform to share their work and it just kind of clicked. I originally didnʼt have a lot of space to shoot and of course, I didnʼt have a relationship with any brands so I just decided to use solid colored backgrounds and products from my own collection. Since there were (and still are) a lot of really great flat lay and product images to be found on IG, I was trying to think of ways to make mine stand out, and thus the concept of creating characters was born.

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A: You’re clearly a very creative and artistic person, but have you always been attracted to the world of fashion in particular? How did you decide to combine art and fashion?

G: Yes, Iʼve always loved fashion but when I was younger it was more about my love for fashion icons and stylish movie characters rather than fashion design or fashion art. I nearly studied fashion design at college but at the last minute ended up switching lanes to photography and visual arts instead – a decision I definitely donʼt regret. Eventually, it just made sense to bring the two things I enjoy so much together.

A: Which of your still images would you say is your favorite, and why?

G: I donʼt know if I have one favorite, but one of my very original pieces as The Collecteur often comes to mind. Itʼs a ladies face created with Charlotte Olympia loafers, and to me, has so much character. I always felt this image summed up who I am as an artist.

A: People respond in different ways to your images (as seen in comments on your Instagram), what is the strangest or most surprising thing anyone has written about your work? 

G: To be honest, the fact that people comment at all is surprising to me! I canʼt believe this kind of support exists from people that I donʼt even know personally. Some people have created their own artworks and said they were inspired by my work. I mean, thatʼs just crazy/amazing!

When you weird af but your friends love you anyway

A: A lot of your stills have accessories, shoes, and bags. Are you an accessory fan
yourself and if so, which can you not leave the house without?

G: Oh yeah, Iʼm definitely an accessory person. They make the outfit! Shoes are my weakness. I love to collect bags but rarely use them. Lately, Iʼm putting a lot more effort into my jewelry game, but the thing I absolutely wonʼt leave the house without – a crazy pair of sunglasses!

A: And finally, we’d love to know what your day looks like, and how you prepare for a shoot. 

G: I actually like to mix my days up a bit. I think of my favorite artists like Dalí or Warhol and remind myself that while organization and structure are important, so is a little bit of chaos as itʼs really conducive to a creative environment. That being said, a typical day will involve answering emails, planning collaborations, shooting products, and many hours working in photoshop. When Iʼm working on large projects the creative direction is always planned at the beginning with the client so most of my days are spent executing. Each night, I just write down what I need to accomplish the next day and work my way through it all day by day!

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 Quick fire questions: 

Are you a morning or night person? Easiest question ever. Night.

Who is your favorite cartoon character and why? Snoopy! A cute, sassy and compassionate icon.

What 3 items would you take on a deserted island? Sunglasses, chapstick and a giant straw hat. 🙂

Best place for a date? A dim and narrow NYC restaurant.

Piece of clothing you can’t get on board with? Hmmm… I never liked a culotte.

It’s Friday Time to space out #collecteurootd
I’m not one to turn down an extra hand, especially on a Monday ♥️

Follow Giulia on Instagram and check out her amazing art work on her website.

Images: The Collecteur

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