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Marissa Casey – Instagram

Sometimes, in the midst of scrolling through your Instagram, you stumble upon the most interesting and inspiring accounts you’ve seen in a while. We’ve observed over the years, that Instagram is one of the most useful platforms in fashion, not only to explore new trends but also to meet and work with influencers. In our case, we came across Marissa Casey’s account, only to discover she was a successful blogger as well as a hard-working businesswoman. As you can imagine, we had to find out more.

Marissa Casey is the Ad Director for three of our favorite websites: WhoWhatWear, Byrdie, and MyDomaine, but also creator and owner of her own blog: www.fashionambitionist.com. Now, we’re not entirely sure how Marissa manages her time with all these responsibilities, but are certainly ready to hear more about the art of ad directing. Whilst we all dream of combining our professional career with our hobbies and interests, it’s safe to say we’re not all able to handle multitasking and time management as well as others – so what is the secret to becoming a successful businesswoman? Read on as we ask none other than the winner of Salesperson of the Year:


AG: Hi Marissa! Thanks so much for taking the time to sit down with us. We know you’re the ad director for some of our favorite websites, covering everything fashion, beauty and more! Could you give us an insight of what a typical day looks like?

M: 7:15AM: Wake up, get out of bed. Utilize my Amazon Alexa to check the weather and my news flash briefing.

7:30 AM: While I’m getting ready, I listen to a variety of podcasts and career-focused books. My personal favorite podcasts are How I Built This, Glossy and Side Hustle School. I’m currently listening to the book Crucial Communications. This book is a must for anyone looking to take their communication skills to the next level. There are so many things I am learning from this book that were never taught in school.

8:30 AM: I spend 30 minutes capturing my outfit of the day for @fashionambitionist.

9:30 AM: On my short commute into the office, you can find me editing and posting my #OOTD to Instagram.

10 AM: I’m at work or meeting a client for coffee! The first thing I do is dive into answering any urgent client requests. Following that, I make sure I’m prepared for all that day’s meetings.

The rest of my day is typically a “marathon” of back-to-back client or internal meetings. I spend a lot of my day out in the market meeting with the world’s top brands to find creative digital solutions to meet their marketing objectives. Some of my top clients are Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Tiffany & Co., Cotton Incorporated, Net-A-Porter, OUTNET, Chloe, Clarks, Puma, Reebok and many more. While I’m meeting with clients, I am also sharing some BTS footage of the best of New York City via @fashionambitionist’s Instagram handle. For example, I frequently Instagram Story my client’s HQ (I mean, who doesn’t want to see the offices of Net-A-Porter?), I share my daily lunch order (drool-worthy lunches from ABC Kitchen, ABC Cocina or ABC V) and lastly I provide my followers with an inside look at the industries’ top events.

6:30 PM: You can find me at Flywheel. There is no better way to de-stress from the day than a good Flywheel class. If you’ve never been, you can use my code “FLYFASHIONA” for a free first ride!

7:30 PM: Finally! Time to relax, cook, hang out with @JuneyBeans and unwind!

Marissa Casey – Instagram

AG: We love your blog and your style is what you could call the ultimate working woman elegance. How did you start blogging, and how do you manage to find time to take your own photos, as well as working for the media group? 

M: Great question! I was always passionate about blogging. I (kind of) started blogging when I was in college (back in 2010), but it was too difficult since I didn’t like other people taking my images. My number one goal at the time was making it in the world of publishing. If only I didn’t stop blogging… Two years ago, I re-started my blog working with a photographer. The stress of changing outfits multiple times and being on a time constraint was not something I could keep up with. So again, I “quit” blogging. I then re-started my blog about a year ago when I discovered a way to take my own images utilizing a tripod, a clicker and my cell phone. About six months ago, I found a way to take pictures with my camera and utilize my cell phone as a clicker. All of my content is what I am actually wearing that day (even in that moment). Everything I post is authentic and real. I rarely plan any of my content

AG: As you might already know, our motto is all about combining high-end products with very affordable fashion. What are your go-to brands for that type of pairing, and what stores do you rely on for the latest trends?

M: For me, it’s all about investing in everyday high-end accessories such as my Gucci belts, Chanel work bag, Van Cleef & Arpels necklace, John Hardy bracelet and my Tiffany & Co rings. I wear these items every day and they always elevate my look. While I invest in expensive jewelry (and bags), my go-to for clothing is Zara, Forever21, and ASOS. If you pair fast fashion with expensive jewelry, you’ll have everyone thinking your entire look is

AG: Byrdie is without a doubt our go-to beauty bible. Do you have any specific skincare routines to share with us, and what are the products that never disappoint?

I am obsessed with Soap & Glory’s Vitamin C face wash. Can’t live without this and it’s only $9! I’ll never leave the house without Maybelline’s Fit Me Foundation Dewy + Smooth in shade 240. It’s dewy, light and has SPF.

Marissa Casey – Instagram

AG: And finally, since multi-tasking on two different jobs is part of your regular schedule, what does the future hold for you, and what are you planning on adding to your impressive CV? 

We will see! My goal is to make it to the top of the fashion/marketing industry (perhaps publisher one day) while continuing to blog as my side hustle. Fashion Ambitionist is truly a passion project and something that brings me so much joy. For the time being, I don’t have any intentions of making it a full-time career, but do hope @FashionAmbitionist will become a fruitful side business that continues to inspire others. In the near future, I do hope to find a way to produce video content. Right now, video is too time-consuming!

Quick fire questions:

Dream job as a child: I think my dream job changed every month. Astronaut was my go-to.

The one item you always carry in your handbag: Purell haha

Favourite trend of the season: The long bob hair trend! Is hair your best accessory?

The shoes you cannot live without Comfortable booties that don’t feel like you’re wearing heels. Since I am always on-the-go, comfort is key.

Favorite trend you wish would make a comeback: Moccasin boots. So comfortable!

Marissa Casey – Instagram

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Images: Marissa Casey

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