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Meet the beautiful and talented sisters and founders of Beverly Hills Lingerie: Celine and Joline Nehoray. Inspired by some of the most iconic glamour models of the 80s, the sisters launched a brand to re-introduce the concept of lingerie as streetwear, and let me tell you, we’re definitely putting their products on our Valentine’s Day wish list!

With a perfect mix of outerwear lingerie and staple bedroom pieces such as lace bralettes and bodysuits, Beverly Hills Lingerie is the ultimate brand to adopt for a fun, and flirty look. You’re all too familiar with our passion for the silk nighty dress that hit our streets a few years back, which is why a collaboration with the duo was a no brainer. After filling up your carts using our special discount code TWC20 to get 20% off all items, and telling your significant other about your favourite pieces for the ideal Valentine’s Day gift, make sure you scroll down and read our interview to find out a bit more about their passion for modelling, and the realities of working with your sister.

Celine Nehoray & Joline Nehoray, founders of Beverly Hills Lingerie

AG: I know you launched in the fall of 2018, how has the last year has been for you and can you tell us a bit more about how you both decided to go into business together?

J: 2019 has been amazing. We’ve learned a lot, grown a ton, celebrated the successes, supported each other through tough times, and have ultimately just been through so many experiences and down different roads that made us and our brand what and who we are today. Right before our 1 year anniversary was when we began selling at Fred Segal Sunset Blvd and launched a CosmoStyle by Cosmopolitan collection.

C: This past year has been extremely overwhelming yet extremely rewarding to say the least! Going into business together felt natural, but we did stumble across your expected difficulties working together. When the BHL concept was born, my sister was beginning her pre-med track at USC and I was working in PR! Neither of us had job experiences in fashion. We always admired and valued the female entrepreneurs in our community and we always held desires to build a female based brand.

AG: We can imagine working with your sister isn’t always the easiest. Would you say working with someone you are related to is easier, or harder in terms of building a good working relationship? Has launching Beverly Hills Lingerie brought you closer in any way?

J: I would say it has definitely brought us closer. Since being an entrepreneur is a 24/7 job, we really never stop working, which means we are always together. We have learned and grown a lot with each other. Moreover, I think it really depends on the situation in terms of working with family. Some family members can’t stand each other. Because my sister and I put our sisterhood above anything else and wouldn’t let anything get between us, we are able to work together. Some family members don’t have the same mentality or relationship – or haven’t matured their personal relationships enough before beginning a professional relationship.

C: As much as they say working with family isn’t the easiest, working with anyone else isn’t the easiest either! It’s all what you make of it. To me, building a good working relationship is key to a successful brand. Most brands fail not because of product or branding, but because of the poor operations and staffing behind it. A healthy working relationship is crucial to me, as it is the fundamentals to growing a successful business. Beverly Hills Lingerie did bring us closer in a different way than you can imagine, it brought us together in a way of ‘this is it’ we work together, live together, and enjoy good times and bad times together. There is no turning back, we both committed to putting our brand before everything else and staying as close to each other as humanly possible.

Avellino Bodysuit

AG: Now back to your beautiful products, could you talk us through your bestsellers and explain why you think you have a mission to redefine the meaning of lingerie? What are you hoping to change in the industry and how are you planning on achieving these goals?

J: We’ve really discovered that simple sells. Our simple panties are always running low on stock – and I realize that it’s because it’s hard to panty shop. There’s no one-stop-shop online where women buy panties undoubtedly. Our Maxime black satin top is also a favorite among customers. We have plans to expand our collection to cover almost everything a woman needs in her closet, A-Z. We hope to take our stance in this industry by being a consistent, respectable, and relatable brand, and be the one-stop-shop for women’s lingerie, loungewear, and streetwear.

C: Lingerie is such a tricky market. It’s either trashy, bad quality, too sexy, forbidden in some cultures, or insanely expensive. Moreover, lingerie was always looked at as a way to seek and secure a man’s attention. It was never marketed in light of female confidence, female individuality, or a female’s own strong sense of self. We strive to maintain a need to redefine lingerie in the sense of it being luxurious yet affordable, sexy yet classy, and most importantly, a gift from a woman to herself. Our bestsellers range from our bralettes to our panties. Simple sells. Our black items tend to sell the most.

AG: We’re curious, what are your go-to outfits for the perfect date? Do you both have similar styles or do you often share a few pieces of clothing? Don’t hesitate to mention your go-to beauty products as well! 

J: We share everything from clothes down to beauty products – I definitely love fashion and styling my sister and online shopping for her. My perfect date outfit would be my favorite pair of reinvented Levi’s 501s, white booties or stylish sneakers, a flattering top and a blazer. I’ve been really into blazers and a classy crop top recently. I find it a perfect way to take our bralettes to the streets if I just button up a fancy blazer. However – surprisingly, beauty might be my first favorite thing before fashion! I never leave the house without a glammed face. My cosmetics and skincare routine have a special place not only in my heart but also in my morning and nightly routine!

C: Ooo I love this question! My go-to outfit for the perfect date would be vintage jeans, pointy heels, an elegant crop top of some sort, and an oversized blazer. Oh and tons of jewelry and accessories! My sister and I do have similar styles, but mainly because she is my stylist! I take all her clothes, and she shops for me. We make fun of how I can’t get dressed without her! I have tons and tons of favorite beauty products. I am into skincare and haircare more so than makeup. (And I love trying new makeup!) Your skin and hair is the foundation to all. My favorite skincare line is Epionce, and my favorite hair care line is Kerastase. Makeup — drown me in Tom Ford.

Marceau Bralette

AG: It seems like there isn’t much you can’t do, from owning your own business in your early twenties, to posing for the perfect snap! Could you please tell us a bit more about your passion for modelling?

J: I wish you could say we’re models! That would make casting our photoshoots a lot easier. 😉 But we do have a lot of fun when we get to be in front of the camera. Our PR will often ask for sister photos and we’ll get excited for that. We have confidence when it comes to being the model for a change because we love that we are young, fun, sister entrepreneurs and want to empower women with the same feeling. I’m grateful that we’ve gotten the opportunity to do really cool shoots together – we want to be apart of the narrative and the BHL story!

C: We are far from models– but we love to have fun! I have always admired women who walk, talk, dress, and pose confidently. Confidence is the sexiest trait on a woman, and to me, posing for photos is a part of what make females special and extra sexy! I always grew with the mentality that it isn’t healthy to focus on what others think, or may say. Judgement will never fade, and there will always be people around you who won’t support you in what you’re doing. To me, it’s so important for a female to do as she pleases, and if she is happy, confident, and growing, why not share it?!

Make sure you stay up to date with the sister’s IG, and don’t forget to purchase your brand new lingerie on their website to get 20% off with our special discount code TWC20!

Maxime Top

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