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Des & Jen – Romina Introini – H&M x Erdem

Meet the coolest and most fashion-forward twin sisters out there: Desiree and Jennifer from Des & Jen (www.desjen.com). Already at first glance, they’ve got the whole package. With an impeccable sense of style, and international upbringing (born in Vienna with Croatian background), they seem to have one of those twin sister bonds none of us will ever experience unless we’re twins ourselves.

The girls have a really deep connection to fashion which is mostly inspired by their beloved cities, but also thanks to their curiosity and cultivated natures. Des and Jen have different ways to define their styles, but both seem to combine harmoniously in their photos. Where Des seems more casual and free-spirited, Jen has a more feminine approach to fashion. Saying that we couldn’t wait to find out more about the girls on a one-on-one basis. Read our full chat below:


AG: As mentioned above, you have quite an international background. Can you tell us how your upbringing has affected your taste and interest in fashion?

From our early childhood, we have always been interested in creative things such as fashion, music, art or sports and knew from the very beginning that we will be involved in that. We spent every summer on the seaside in Croatia and met during this period of time many people from all around the world. Being exposed to both cultures (Austrian and Croatian) is a great blessing as it opens your eyes to many things that the world offers.

AG: You seem to have a very special and close relationship, especially as twins, does it ever get difficult or competitive to work together so closely all the time?

Yes, there is indeed a very special bond between twins. We love working together as we are an experienced team. It is beautiful to experience the things together. We both do a little bit of everything and incorporate our inspirations. We think it is important to give each other space in order to improve our performance and keep a well-balanced relationship.

Des & Jen – Max Brucker – Easy Packing

AG: We noticed a few differences in your styles. How would you both define your own? 

Generally speaking, we love to wear stylish and sophisticated pieces, yet we are always open for edgy and bold looks. We place great value on details.

Des: a mixture of feminine and sporty/boyish style.

Jen: Love to experiment with different kind of styles.

AG: You started blogging about a year ago, where did it all start for you both? 

We started the blog in late 2013 as a hobby. Des: At that time I was studying International Business in Madrid and worked afterward for Alexander McQueen.

Jen: In September 2013 I just finished my studies in Luxury Brand Management and worked afterward for Dior. Since last year we turned our hobby into a  business. Our experiences living abroad and working in the fashion industry helped us to expand our horizon.

AG: Let’s move on to beauty, what are your morning and night beauty routines?

For us, it is very important to take off all of our makeup before sleeping in order to have a clean and glowing skin the next morning. Usually, we remove our makeup with a makeup remover tissue from Bebe Young Care. We love this cleaning wipes because they are mild and gentle for the skin. Afterwards, we use the NIVEA Micellar Cleansing Water, Clinique All About Eyes Rich Cream and Day and Night Cream from Lancaster.

Des & Jen – Romina Introini – L’Oréal Professionnel

AG: What is it about Vienna you love so much, and what would you recommend our readers to see and do in the Austrian capital? 

Vienna offers one of the highest quality of life and is rapidly developing. There is a large number of attractions and activities. The city has a good mixture of cool bars, boutiques and amazing museums such as the Albertina or Kunsthistorisches Museum. If you enjoy classical music you must visit the Vienna State Opera. Vienna has a coveted coffee culture. The best is to enjoy a piece of Sacher cake with a cup of coffee in the Sacher hotel. We also love “Le Bol“, which is a great place for having breakfast. For lunch, we suggest Mochi or Naschmarkt and dinner in our family restaurant “Kulinarium 7“, which offers Dalmatian food: fresh fish from Croatia, homemade bread and olive oil from peninsula Peljesac.

AG: What we love most about your blog is that you’re very conscious about the environment and damaging effects of fashion, have you got any projects you’re working on to increase awareness of any particular issues?

At the moment we are not involved in such projects, but would love to! We take several steps to make sustainable changes. We buy less and never throw garments away. We give them to our relatives and friends or sell them. We try to avoid plastic bags. We think that there is a growing level of environmental awareness worldwide. Nowadays consumers require more transparency about the clothes they buy because they want to make a positive effect. They ask themselves “Where do the clothes come from?“ or „What are the clothes made of?“ etc. That’s why the fashion industry faces many complex challenges and forces it to make positive changes. When consumers support sustainability the fashion companies will follow the demand and it will become a norm.

Des & Jen – Max Brucker


Quick Fire:

Biggest fashion icon: There are many women who have a great sense of style:
Lena Perminova, Bella and Gigi Hadid, Olivia Palermo

Where do you see yourself in 5 years: This is hard to say. Life is full of surprises and can change from one to another day. At the moment we enjoy being in the fashion industry and would love to expand our know how.

Cats or dogs?: Dogs

Favourite cheat meal? Pizza, burger, chocolate and other sweets

Go-to winter accessory: beret, hairband, belts

Des & Jen – Romina Introini – MFW
Des & Jen – Romina Introini – L’Oréal Professionnel

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Images: Des & Jen

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