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As you all already know as loyal TWC followers, we’re always keen to get close and personal with some of the most inspiring entrepreneurs of our time, and this week we’ve had the pleasure to sit down with none other than the founder of   Elle Effect,  Elle Ferguson. Not only has Elle conquered the digital world by cultivating her own impressive social following, she has also become a true inspiration for the younger generation that are thriving to create their own companies.

Between the current events taking place in Australia and Elle’s incredible business aesthetic, we were not short of things to talk about. So don’t waste a second and scroll down to find out all about how Elle has managed to become a fashion icon in such a short period of time, her hopes and dreams for the future, and finally how she celebrated her Cosmopolitan award.

Meet Elle Ferguson, Founder of Elle Effect & Cosmopolitan Woman Of the Year Fashion Social Media

AG: Hi Elle, it’s fair to say we’re excited to chat to you all the way from Australia so thank you for taking the time to sit down and answer our questions.

To start, we would be very interested to find out a bit more about your personal life and what your daily routine looks like. What is the first thing you do when you wake up, and the last thing you do before bed? Are you more of a morning or an evening person?

Elle: First thing I do when I wake up in the morning is kiss Joel and message my sister… Then check insta. The last thing I do at night is check insta, message my sister and kiss Joel goodnight… I like a routine. I would say I am an evening person however I’ve been getting up super early to workout so I’m slowly becoming a morning person.

AG: There has been a lot happening in Australia in the last year and we would love to give you the opportunity to give us a bit of an insight on the ways you have been helping out.

We saw that your brand Elle Effect has actively been donating to those affected by the bushfires, could you tell us how you personally feel about what is going on, and what you would recommend people should do to help?

Elle: Right now Australia is dealing with a national crisis, we are also feeling the direct effects of climate change. What we can do is make a difference and each and every person can make a difference. Stop using single use plastics, look at where things come from and how they get to you. Support companies that are making change. Over half a billion animals have been killed in the fires so please donate to organisations like Wires to help rebuild and look after the animals.

For towns and people that been directly effected visit these towns, support the locals and buy local. This devastation will take a very long time too repair and we need to keep supporting. Also listen… so many people have lost so much and the mental strain on everyone in Australia is very heavy, listen and here what people are saying and support. We are stronger when we are together.

AG: What is something you’ve learned from Jen Atkin beside cultivating good relationships with your customers by replying to your DMs yourselves, and what is your biggest tip on building a strong fan base?

Elle: WOW Jen has taught me so much. One of the big things has been to support other women around you. Lift each other up, there is enough room for all of us. Authenticity is the number one tip I have on building a strong fan base. The community you build invests in your voice so you need to ensure that this voice is true.

AG: Is there someone in particular you really look up to and that has been a massive support in your career and life in general? And in the fashion world, is there a specific person whose style you truly admire?

Elle: My mum would be my number one. She taught me everything I know and is my absolute inspiration. In the fashion world I love Rosie huntington-whiteley and Pernille Teisbaek style. However I love exploring on Instagram girls I dont know and finding just cool style. It reminds me when I first started blogging and feeling alive.

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AG: And finally, how was it receiving a Cosmopolitan award and how did you celebrate it? Was that an important milestone in your life and career would you say?

Elle: it was truely a milestone. To be nominated by Cosmo was huge but then to have won really left me speechless. To celebrate I actually went home after and kept working on the launch of the Elle Effect as that was a couple of months away and I had bottles being filled and a website ready to launch. But I have that award in the loungeroom and I look at it every single day.

Make sure you follow Elle on her social media, and check out her easy-to-use self tanning brand “Elle Effect” here

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