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Following our interview series and the slow but steady approaching to Fall weather and apple season, we thought there’s no better time than to focus on one of our favorite past-times here at TWC: food! Last week we had the chance to sit down with GODO – the first Italian Michelin Starred Quality food delivery company available in London. The team was kind enough to give us some insight about how they got started in the first place, their most popular dishes, and what’s coming up in the near future. Keep reading for the full Q&A, and if you’re a pasta lover, give them a try next time you’re ordering lunch at your desk!

TWC: Hi GODO, thank you for taking the time to chat with us. We know you’re very busy but we look forward to hearing more about your business. First things first, what is the story of GODO delivery?

GODO: Working in the City, it was always a real hassle to find affordable but premium quality food. We’d end up in the same mediocre places, eating junk or – worse – tasteless ‘health’ food. Meals felt dreary and routine, nothing like the escape we craved. So over lunch one day in our hometown, Milan, we imagined another way: our favourite Italian comfort food, ordered in two taps, cooked with the best artisan produce by a Michelin-star chef, delivered at the perfect temperature in custom-made glassware, presented by an elegant Italian on a Vespa, all for the price of a regular takeaway. And a year later, GODO was born. Ambitious? Sure. It has taken us more than a year working with a team of experts to perfect the food, materials and technology we needed to make this a reality, but now we assure you that if you order GODO, your lunch/dinner will be the best moment of your day.

TWC: Who is behind this mouth-watering project?

GODO: Our two co-founders, Simone Sajeva and Amin Bouafsoun are long-time friends and were both working in the City as consultant and banker respectively. Some of their favorite foods they like to indulge in: Italian, Middle Eastern, French.

TWC: What does GODO offer more that the others do not?

GODO: It’s simple: food made to be delivered with an ad hoc packaging, which include the best of UK and Italian produce sent daily, prepared by our in-house chef Tommaso Arrigoni. We have become the first Italian digital restaurant in Europe, and are planning on growing more and more.

TWC: Do GODO’s dishes take inspiration from any particular Italian region, or is it an ode to Italian food in general?

GODO: All of our meals are the most popular meal of a certain region, e.g. pasta alla Norma from Sicily, and ravioli del Plin from Piedmont, so on so forth.

TWC: Which ones are the best selling/most ordered dishes, and why do you think they’re so popular?


Burrata alla Mediterranea – traditional burratina from Andria served with an unusual side of dried tomatoes and olives.

Organic Beef Tartare – beef, egg yolk, parmesan flakes, green beans and spices.. designated “the best they’ve ever had” by many of our customers, is clearly one of our best sellers.


Organic Beef Ragù Pasta – who doesn’t like an authentic beef ragù?

Sicilian Red Prawns and Pistachio Pesto Pasta – not usual in London to find red raw prawns from Mazzara del Vallo mixed with a pistachio pesto, treating your palate to a premium flavour to the standards of a Michelin starred Chef.

Gorgonzola, Pear and Almonds Salad – the robust flavour of the gorgonzola, the sweetness of the pears and the crunchiness of the almonds for an explosion of taste


Tiramisù – “crème de la crème” at GODO.

 TWC: Do you provide catering for offices and parties? 

GODO: Yes, we provide catering for offices and parties. We serve in trays if required as well, but of course our core business is in jars. It’s aesthetically pleasing to look at, not to mention eat, as it feels natural and not like typical take away food in plastic or cardboard containers. Our recipes have been designed to fit in the jars, which keep the temperature and taste for as long as 50 mins.

TWC: Is your menu going to change as the seasons change, or will you always keep a selection of classics?

GODO: Of course, the menu changes with seasons. Seasons are very important at GODO as we always get the best and freshest produce. Our recipes follow ingredient’s seasonality.

TWC: Future wise – Any plan on expanding the delivery area? More dishes to come? What are the plans for the company?

GODO: Firstly we’re looking into expanding into more areas in London, and are aiming to be covering the whole London Area in six months’ time. Secondly, by mid 2018 we are planning on opening in Manhattan, New York, and eventually in another 3 cities that unfortunately for now we can not reveal.. Stay tuned!

Food-wise, as with every new season, new meals launch. Our chefs are constantly searching for new recipes to develop, and we’re excited to launch more delicious meals. Stay tuned and come visit them in their new pop-up coming to Chelsea, London!

Before you leave us, try their most popular dishes now with 10% off courtesy of the friendly team at GODO, by applying the coupon GODOTWC upon checkout when ordering on or through their iOS App (GODO).

PS: The coupon is to use once per customer, valid until October 31st.

Featured image: Godo

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