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In the second part of our series covering gorgeous entrepreneurs that love all things beauty, we’re chatting to Loey Lane, a body-positive influencer and the CEO and Founder of Love AnyBody, a beauty brand developed in response to the lack of body positive skincare products.

Loey has always been a voracious reader and has a constant drive for new adventures. With parents in the music industry, she was highly influenced at a young age by storytelling and music, but her life as a military wife pushed her to turn to YouTube to avoid loneliness and isolation. With now over 2 million followers, she is using the platform to address messages of body positivity with self-love tutorials. Loey has become a leading voice for inclusive beauty and fashion, and has modelled for brands such as Torrid and Charming Charlie, as well as created her own line of products for positive body image. As you can imagine, knowing all of this made us eager to meet her, and between her interesting background and incredible drive, we couldn’t wait to introduce you to her.

Meet Loey Lane, CEO and Founder

AG: Hi Loey! Thank you so much for taking the time to chat to us about your amazing career path. Could you start by telling us a little bit about how you organise your time between recording your videos, writing and modelling? Are you able to follow some sort of routine, or is everyday pretty much a new adventure?

LL: I definitely have a new adventure on the daily – I love that my job allows me to do new and exciting things every single day! Sometimes it can be a struggle to keep everything balanced, but luckily I have amazing subscribers who are so understanding when I need an extra few days in between videos. I definitely am not shy about editing videos on a plane or in an Uber on the way to different modeling jobs or to meetings for my body positive lifestyle brand, Love AnyBody! I think for me staying on track is all about working when I can but also recognizing when I need a mental health break.

AG: You’ve had an exciting upbringing with parents in the creative industry. Do you feel like their careers as musicians have helped you in finding this self confidence or on the contrary, do you feel like you’ve had to push yourself a little harder because of that?

LL: With my parents both being musicians, I grew up in a creative space where I was reminded that I could be whoever I wanted and do anything I set my mind to. I grew up with so much appreciation for art and creativity and learning music at such a young age under the guidance of two absolute professionals gave me confidence to try so many new things.

AG: You created your beauty brand Love AnyBody in response to the lack of positive body skincare products in the market. Could you explain to us why you think there is a gap in the industry in this day and age, and talk us through the products you are currently selling?

LL: For me, talking about body positivity and just generally living my life as a plus size woman on YouTube has solicited responses of every kind. The ones I was most concerned with were the ones from my loyal subscribers who continuously asked the same questions: “how do you avoid chafing when wearing shorts or dresses?” and “how do you deal with stretch marks?” I didn’t like that there wasn’t a solid, helpful answer I could give them. So when the opportunity to create Love AnyBody, a body positive brand centered around LOVING the skin you’re in as opposed to “fixing” or changing it arose, I was beyond excited.

My products are divided into two groups – one for anti-chafing and one for stretch mark solutions. I have my Love AnyBody Anti-Chafe Ointment which is made to really soothe the skin in a time of stress where it has been rubbing and chafing. It also acts wonderfully as a primer for Love AnyBody Anti-Chafe Stick – my bff! All it takes is one swipe on areas where you would normally chafe to create a matte barrier on the skin that prevents the act of chafing from ever occurring.

When it comes to stretch marks, I really wanted to focus on hydrating skin solutions to nurture the skin in a time of stretching and stress. Love AnyBody’s Stretch Mark Serum is such a unique product – it has a thin but hydrating consistency that really targets stretch marks to reduce redness and irritation. Meanwhile the Love AnyBody Stretch Mark Cream is a phenomenal everyday moisturizer. I use it all over my body as my daily lotion but it also is so good at moisturizing dry stretch marks. They are all 4 absolute staples in my daily routine.

AG: Your videos are extremely inspirational and we adore the energy you bring to each of your talks and tutorials. Could you share some tips with our readers on keeping this positive altitude? Are there specific ways you prep yourself before a talk such as doing some breathing exercises, or listening to a specific song/podcast?

LL: I think ultimately it’s about just breathing through the panicky moments. Everyone gets freaked out before doing an event or public speaking and I think actually that’s pretty comforting to me. Listening to jazz music my dad and I would play together on our way to work/school everyday is incredibly comforting – taking a moment to cuddle with my dogs and kitties is also comforting. Sometimes even just calling up a close friend or family member and saying “hey, I need a little encouragement right now” can be the confidence boost you need

AG: And finally, I’m sure you saw this one coming, but how do you see both the fashion and beauty industry evolving in the next few years and what would you most like to see changing in favour of body positivity?

I hope and expect to see the fashion industry be more inclusive for everyone out there! It’s time we see bodies of all shapes and sizes stomping the runway. I’m ready for it and I know the world is, so let’s get it moving everybody. In Terms of what I’d like to see change, its simply more understanding and acceptance that were all beautiful in the bodies we were born in. There’s no need for anything but loving yourself. It’s why love anybody was such a passion project for me, bringing to market products that let everyone know you’re beautiful just the way you are.

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