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Food truly is the *best* part of the holiday season and even though we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, it’s definitely time to get back on track and on the treadmill. Are you feeling slightly disappointed in yourself for gaining back those extra pounds because you couldn’t resist your mom’s world renowned apple pie and your grandfather’s special turkey gravy? We’re in the same state of mind, but don’t worry as we’re also here to help.

It’s much easier said than done, and even though we’ve all made a list of 2020 resolutions and hung it on our bathroom mirror as a daily reminder, we thought we might need a little help this year to make sure we were doing things the right way. Which is why we decided to partner up with travel blogger Macy Mariano to talk all things health and fitness, because we all know how these things go: we all tend to adopt a healthy lifestyle for the first few weeks of January and then give it up as quickly as we started. This year will be different though, we promise! Our mission for 2020 is to feel and look the best we’ve ever done, so here is to the new year…

Meet travel blogger Macy Mariano

AG: Hi Macy, thanks so much for joining us at the very beginning of 2020 to talk about the best ways to adopt healthy habits that can last the entire year. We all know that health and fitness is not all about workouts and gym sessions, but it has a lot to do with how good you feel mentally. Tell us, have you got any specific ways you like to meditate or take care of your mental health? Or is there anything in particular that you’ve felt really helps you when you are feeling down?

M: Hey guys! Mental health is so important to me, especially with starting this year on the right track. I am pretty much on social media all day, not because I choose to, but because it’s my job. It’s how I do research to find new brands, outreach for partnerships, and noting trends that are being seen everywhere. Trust me, at times, I do feel overwhelmed, and when I do, I put myself in ‘shut down mode‘. I log out of emails, put my phone far away from me, and just sit on my couch or lay in bed to relax for a hot second. My mind just goes blank for a second.

So I guess in a way this is my meditation. This also helps me when I have a “content blockage“, where I can’t find any inspiration or distinct aspect on how I do my next set of content. So I literally just zone out, maybe make a latte or my favorite matcha coconut drink with some cartoons on haha. This just help me stabilize. I encourage readers to find what stabilizes them this new year!

AG: As well as being a blogger and influencer, you also love to travel and discover new places. Do you ever find it hard to stay healthy when traveling when always being on the go? Have you got any tips to avoid eating burgers in airports at 8am by any chance? Just asking for a friend…

M: It’s always a battle! Haha. When I travel I just want to indulge. I think it happens to everyone. I stick to the motto of balance and moderation, so as long as I’m on that track, I’m usually okay. In airports when traveling it’s different. I try not to get any fast food. If anything Starbucks for a snack and coffee, or luckily if they have a smoothie stand or healthy spot that looks reasonable, I’ll make a stop. In general, I don’t like eating at airports anyway so I try to avoid that and just healthy snacks like veggie chips, kale chips, protein bars, etc…

Self care is always significant. Relaxing at my favorite hotel in Miami the Lennox Miami Beach.

AG: It surely can’t always be easy to look your best 24/7. We’re curious, what is your morning beauty routine and how do you plan your photoshoots? Do you find that the pressure of looking as good as possible takes a toll on your healthy habits?

M: My morning routine is super simple: cleanse and moisturise  I also moisturize and use primer before putting on makeup as well. I usually plan my shoots on Sunday for the week ahead. I have a wardrobe rack that’s specifically for what I style together for shoots. I will do around 10 looks a week, in the span of 2-3 days of shooting.

Sometimes I can have back to back shoots in one day, which is good so that I get everything done and I can edit for the partnerships! I’m a super organized person which also helps me get things done, if I wasn’t I would be all over the place!

AG: Now coming back a bit to the topic of a post-holiday health kick. What would you say is the most sustainable and effective health resolution anyone could adopt? We’ve tried to cut out carbs and red meat so many times here at TWC, but have noticed it only tends to last a few days or weeks if we’re lucky. Are there really any food habits that can truly make a difference and be easy to adopt with any lifestyles? 

M: Totally get you. I eat everything. I am not vegan or paleo, or keto or any of those diets. I have tried them all and they just haven’t worked for me personally. However, this goes back to my balance and moderation motto. I don’t diet, but I do have a healthy eating regimen. I dont cut out carbs or meat, but I don’t eat red meat very often. I’ll often eat fish, pasta, ground turkey, rice, veggie tacos, spinach, beans weekly. I make dinner every night so it keeps my boyfriend and I on routine; plus I learn new cooking skills which is a bonus! I think just trying to get a healthy carb, green, and protein into a diet is key. 🙂

Detoxing with lemon water! Love to drink this everyday. Dressed in @lululemon

AG: We would love to hear more about your weekly routines. What is a typical day for you from snoozing your alarm to getting ready and cooking dinner? 

M: Well, for example, Wednesdays are packed for me! I get up, make coffee, eat something small like an english muffin or yogurt and do emails. Then, if I scheduled to shoot I will go and do that for about an hour and a half to two hours, depending how many looks! Then I do back to back workouts on Wednesday. 3:45pm pilates at my favorite spot Solidcore, hour break at Pura vida for a pick me up smoothie in the midst of waiting for my next class which is cardio at Rise Nation at 5:45pm (this is only 30 mins which is amazing haha). These are my most exhausting days, but it feels good. After I’ll come home and make dinner!

AG: Finally, could you please let us know your 3 top tips to adopting a healthy lifestyle for 2020 and what your top 3 resolutions are for the new year? 

M: Healthy lifestyle: balance & moderation with indulging, getting a set workout routine (no matter what it may be), and some resting time for your body and brain. New Year’s Resolution: growth in career & self, ALWAYS helping others, enjoy the moments that matter daily.

Heres a recipe I just made new last week was a Miso Cod Filet with sautéed spinach and brown rice. We both love it and I found the recipe on Food Network.

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