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Ever wondered what it would be like to custom made your own wrapping paper to promote your business? Now is your chance – meet Josh and Auguste, the founders of Noissue, a company that enables anyone to custom-made their wrapping paper with sustainable and premium quality paper, in just a few clicks!

As soon as Josh and Auguste realized the gap in the market for premium and affordable tissue paper, there was
no turning back. Since 2017, Noissue has strived to provide the best service possible and we just had to find out more about the idea behind the innovative concept.

AG: Hi Josh and Auguste, thanks so much for sitting down with us! To start, can you tell us a bit more about the early days of Noissue, and where the idea originated from?

J & A: Sure thing, the concept for noissue came from a desire to simplify an aspect of packaging that we had always struggled with. During one of our previous endeavours making glasses frames from recycled materials, we struggled to find a packaging company that could offer customizable packaging at the low minimums that we needed as a start-up. Once we found that the most accessible form of packaging was tissue paper we figured we had something to roll with.

 AG: As with all founders and entrepreneurs starting their own business, we’re so curious about your background and what you were doing before Noissue?

J & A: Well, before noissue, we were really in the business of start-ups. The first was and eyewear company, making glasses frames from recycled materials. As part of that start-up, we found we couldn’t get the packaging that we needed, so we decided to take a look at it ourselves. That led to us creating a local packaging company, and once we were in that market we saw this massive need for affordable, customizable packaging, worldwide. There were specific elements that we were looking for, high fidelity printing, and eco-friendly materials to name a few, that just weren’t widely available. We’re not really the types to wait on anything to come to us so we figured we’d go out and do what we had done before—startup!

Auckland sample

AG: Now onto the product itself, how can someone custom make their tissue on your website, and could you tell us the step-by-step guide behind the designing and manufacturing of the paper?

J & A: The website design is intended to be as simple as possible. If you’re confident with what you want, designing your tissue is as easy as uploading your logo, selecting a template and identifying the Pantone colours in the design. After that, we take the design to print, and if there are any potential issues we’ll follow up to ensure the printing is exactly what the customer is looking for. The other option for designers or illustrators is to create a completely custom design on your own—we provide a downloadable pdf with instructions and once you’ve created your finished file, all you have to do is upload it for printing.

Along the way, we strive to provide customer support that exceeds expectations. Especially with custom designs, it can be difficult to trust that what you create will be translated perfectly to paper. We are always available for questions, and should there be anything that seems off about the design, we’ll make sure to reach out to clear up any confusion before printing.

 AG: Sustainability is undoubtedly paramount to you, could you describe how your product is eco-friendly and sustainable, and why this aspect is important for your kind of products?

J & A: The paper we print on is acid-free, recyclable, biodegradable, and FSC Certified, meaning the trees used to create the paper were sourced from sustainably managed forests. We’re strong of the opinion that if you’re going to create something, you had better have a plan for every step of that item’s lifecycle. We’re past the point of passing along the burden of waste to future generations—if there’s a sustainable option, we’ll take it, and if not, we’ll do whatever we can to create one.

Customising your own tissue paper

 AG: Why do you think that retailers around the world need this product and which type of companies are your biggest clientele?

J & A: Presentation is a key component to so many industries. The better presented your brand or product, the better received it will be and the more touchpoints you’ll have with your target audience. Having a piece of branded packaging that can be used in so many different ways gives you the opportunity to create a better brand experience for your customers. Tough to say anyone industry is our biggest clientele as we work with retailers, fashion brands, designers, PR Firms, wedding planners, florists, home goods stores, subscription boxes, hospitality brands, and so many more!

 AG: Would you say most companies operate mainly online or offline?

J & A: When it comes to packaging companies, most operate offline and in our experience, are incredibly inefficient as a result. We wanted to create a service that was easy to use for all of our fantastic customers and an online design platform was the first step in that direction. The more we can take care of online, the less time our customers have to spend on the phone or in person trying to sort out some issue or another.

AG: And finally, what’s next in the books for your Noissue?

J & A: Coming up we’re excited to be moving into other add-ons for what we’re currently making. First up on that end is custom stickers. We’re trying to take our simplified approach to custom packaging design to other products and we had a lot of people asking for a simpler sticker solution for their brand. After that, who knows!

Meet the team

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