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There is an obvious growth in consumer interest for the jewellery industry and yet, we have found it difficult to find uniquely crafted pieces that both have an ethical and responsible commitment, but that also manage to stand out in regards to its design and materials. This, however, was until we stumbled upon Camille Parruitte’s exclusive Parisian brand: Nouvel Heritage.

Nouvel Heritage is a family-owned French business that focuses on delivering handcrafted and responsible products for those seeking an effortlessly elegant accessory. To ensure the finest of quality, the brand only uses fine and natural products which are exclusively crafted in Paris. As big supporters of family-owned businesses, we couldn’t wait to find out more about Camille’s passion for jewellery, her favourite pieces but are also very intrigued to discover more about her day-to-day duties of directing a traditional and yet edgy brand.

Meet Nouvel Heritage’s CEO and Creative Director Camille Parruitte

AG: Hi Camille! Thank you for sitting down with us. We can only assume as both the CEO and Creative Director that your schedule is a busy combination of responsibilities. Could you break down, in a few words, your day-to-day responsibilities and what you like to do to wind down?

CP: I usually start early in the morning with calls with the team in France, I’m currently based in New York to develop the brand on the US market. In the morning I work mostly on the creative aspect of the brand, my role as creative director is to give clear guidelines for the new collections we are designing. I work with two wonderful jewelry designers who went to jewelry school and know how to draw a piece that’s both creative and functional. At least twice a week, we sit down on a conference call, and I give directions in terms of market needs I see, inspirations I have, and I review past drawings.

I think Nouvel Heritage’s pieces are so much better because of this tight collaboration between three creative minds. During the rest of the day, I’m either running around the city for meetings or working from the office. A big part of my work is to strategize for the development of the brand; I study new advertising opportunities, assess retail locations brought to me by our sales team, and oversee the management of our e-commerce site. I regularly finish my day with some more creative work, it relaxes me; I do our creatives for advertising as well as managing our Instagram visuals. I wear many hats!

Nouvel Heritage

AG: It has become a popular opinion that the Parisian style of elegance manages to stay chic yet effortless in a unique way, and we have noticed that you refer to your products in that way as well. In your opinion, what do you think defines this style of French refinement and which famous Parisian figure would you say is your biggest inspiration?

CP: I think the motto is less is more when it comes to Parisian fashion. French women love buying a few very high-end luxury pieces and pairing them with more casual everyday items. When I picture the Parisian woman I see her in flats (we walk a lot in Paris), jeans and white tee-shirt; but her accessories are very carefully selected, often dainty and timeless. Inès de La Fressange and Caroline de Maigret are two style icons I find stunning. I would love to see them wear Nouvel Heritage.

Nouvel Heritage

AG: We know your brand is a family-owned business but we’re curious, have you always had a passion for jewellery or is it something that grew as you got older?

CP: I believe I always had a passion for jewellery, but I did not realize it until a few years after I moved to the US. When I moved to Boston, I didn’t have any family members around, and I started attaching a lot of sentimental value to items I brought from France. It’s actually how the name “Nouvel Heritage” came about. It’s the idea of marrying a new life abroad and my cultural heritage from France. One of the first pieces I designed was the Mood Bangle, a timeless yet modern bracelet; my grandmother’s jewellery inspired it, she always wore a stack of 5 to 7 bangles.

AG: We highly value your commitment to responsible and ethical jewellery manufacturing and love that your products are exclusively produced in France. Could you tell us a bit more about what you believe your ethical responsibilities are as the CEO of your brand and what you believe the future of jewellery manufacturing is?

CP: Our workshop is certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council, and we abide by strict ethical manufacturing and sourcing rules. For my family and me I think it was evident that we needed to comply with these standards, the quality of a piece of jewellery depends on the quality of sourcing and manufacturing, and that means being conscious of the well being of our workers and of the environment we live in. I think more companies need to abide by the RJC rules and it needs to be something the end customer is aware of when making their purchase.

Nouvel Heritage

AG: And finally, we adore your impressive and beautiful collection of products that range from pendant necklaces to stud earrings and diamond rings with a special penchant for your star amulets. We’re curious, what is your personal favourite, and which products can you not leave the house without?

CP: It’s hard to pick one favorite, especially since I am a big fan of layering. I always say that at Nouvel Heritage we make jewellery you will never take off, so you need to be able to layer a few! I never leave the house without my Mood Bangles, at least 4 or 5 stacked. I have personal engravings inside each of them, so they have a lot of sentimental value. I also always wear one of the Lace Ear Cuffs (usually the pearl ones!), and I either wear the Mystic Hoops or a pair of studs, depending on how casual I want to dress. Last but not least, one of my top three pieces is the Medium Mystic Star necklace, and I wear mine every day, sometimes layered with one of the Small Mystic necklaces.

Make sure you stay up to day with Nouvel Heritage’s newest collections, and follow Camille on her social media.

Nouvel Heritage

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