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Meet Gracie and Sophie a.k.a The Squirrel Sisters, the talented girls behind their own company of delicious raw snack bars for perfectly balanced sweets. What if we told you it was possible to treat yourself whilst being healthy? Look no further and discover the mouth-watering squirrel snacks and the story behind them!

AG: You call yourself the Squirrel Sisters, that wouldn’t have anything to do with your love of chocolate and hazelnuts by any chance…?

SS: J we do love chocolate and hazelnuts. The main reason we chose the name ‘Squirrel Sisters’ for our company was because it used to be a nickname, which has stuck with us since childhood (Squirrel rhymes with our surname, ‘Tyrrell’). We thought the name worked perfectly because we love squirrelling away eating nuts and our bars are packed full of them.

AG: You mention your wish to find the perfect balance between being healthy without cutting out any treats from your diet by trying out new recipes and habits. How do you think this is best achieved knowing that everyone has different timetables and lifestyles?

SS: We believe that life is all about balance. We don’t want to feel like we are missing out by being healthy but we also don’t want to restrict ourselves. We love going out with our friends and enjoying a glass of wine (or two!) so we just try to find a balance that suits us. Like many we are constantly on the go so in order to achieve a balance we find that preparation and planning is key! Make big batches of things on a Sunday evening so you have lots of dinners during the week, always have a go to snack (like a Squirrel bar ;-)) so you have something delicious to keep you going during the day and plan your time.

AG: Personally, what balanced lifestyle makes you happiest and what would you say is the biggest motivation for that?

SS: For us a balanced lifestyle means being happy and feeling our best. It is different for every individual person but for us being happy and feeling our best comes from feeling fit, fresh, energised and relaxed. The ways we can reach this feeling is by eating well, enjoying the food we eat, exercise, sleep and enjoying our free time with friends and family

AG: We’re not known to spend the day in the kitchen here at TWC, but can imagine that if we were as talented in the kitchen as you were, we would be so tempted to dip our fingers in all this lovely chocolate batter! How do you stay away from all the temptation?

SS: Luckily our bars are 100% natural, sugar-free and made from the highest quality whole ingredients so we never feel bad for over eating them.

AG: And finally, we’re so excited to partner up with you in giving away a full box of Squirrel Sisters snack bars to our most loyal shoppers. But before that, could you let us in on your best selling snacks to get our taste buds going?

SS: We have 4 flavours available in our range and we love them all so here is a brief description of each…

Cacao Brownie: a delicious raw brownie with creamy organic cacao butter and crunchy cacao nibs
Cacao Orange: another delicious brownie with creamy organic cacao brownie with zesty orange. Think Terry’s chocolate orange/Jaffa Cake… but a guilt-free version.
Raspberry Ripple: bursting with raspberries, chewy goji berries and crunchy almonds.
Coconut Cashew: full of nourishing coconut, creamy cashews and protein packed sunflower seeds.
Take a look at their blog and meticulously curate Instagram photos to get you hooked on these delicious bits of heaven! Shop them on Squirrelsisters.com or at all local retailers including Whole Foods, Holland & Barrett and Planet Organic and don’t forget to enter our giveaway in partnership with Squirrel Sisters on The Weekly Cut‘s Instagram – ends June 3rd!

Images: Squirrel Sisters