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Not only trendy but truly inspirational, Chicago born, editor and creative director of Cranberry Tantrums; Jenn, is not your average blogger.

Nurse by day and blogger by night, she genuinely understands the importance of embracing yourself by adopting bold, creative, colourful and unique fashion statements. Some of her style inspirations being Rachel Zoe and Michelle Obama, Jenn believes in chic street wear with a strong and vibrant colour palette, from her go-to fashion websites ASOS and Shop Style.

For this special holiday occasion in America, Jenn has exclusively hand-picked the best outfits to celebrate the 4th of July in style. The important declaration of independence in 1776 is a huge festivity of patriotism which includes fire-works, good foods and of course the celebrated thirteen red and white horizontal stripes and 50 white stars flag of the United States.

So get your party mood on, and join us on this 4th of July celebration with the Chicago native!