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All the way from sunny California, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting model and lifestyle blogger Julia Friedman. Sharing her everyday experiences through her blog: Every day with J, Julia is without a doubt a multi-talented role model. Apart from her insanely chic fashion sense, she loves everything beauty and lives to travel. Not to mention that she’s extremely hard-working with a brilliant future ahead of her, it’s hard not to envy her lifestyle through her gorgeous photos on her IG.

As you can imagine Julia has a busy schedule, but she took the time to chat with us in-between flights and shared some of her fashion secrets, anecdotes, as well as her day to day lifestyle.

AG: Hi Julia! We promise we won’t keep you too long from your busy schedule, but first, we would love to know what a typical day for you looks like?

JF: I wake up and have my coffee, check my email and work a bit, then head to the gym which is my safe haven. Usually, I’ll come home and make lunch or get lunch somewhere healthy and quick, then I’ll run to any meetings/appts I may have and then I like to shoot around 6 PM! I’ll come home and I like to cook so I usually will make a healthy dinner, hang with friends or family, and go to sleep if I have work early the next day!

AG: From modeling to now blogging; can you tell us your secret to achieving all this whilst also keeping some time for your personal life?

JF: I am a workaholic, and since I didn’t go to college I kinda feel I should be! I really do enjoy working but personal time is very important for me! I love having girl time with my close friends, going to a workout class, or even going to do something outdoors. My secret would be finding a balance and allowing myself to disconnect from social media for a little bit each day.

AG: We love your boho chic sense of style and your ability to make simple items look gorgeous. What are your go-to tips on how to shop and plan your outfits? 

JF: Thank you! I love to look online at FWRD and Revolve for style inspiration since they do such a great job styling their models! I plan my outfits around certain pieces I want to wear. For example, if I know I want to wear a certain pair of jeans with a jacket, I plan the other pieces around them. I just play in the mirror until I find what works best and what I feel best in!

AG: Speaking of fashion, what’s the key to effortless Cali style? What 5 items should every woman own in her wardrobe?

JF: I think the key to Cali style is mastering the look of laidback but chic! I think 5 items every woman should have in her wardrobe are: a stylish backpack, chic booties, graphic tees, leather jacket, a great pair of jeans.

AG: Finally, we can’t help but swoon over your flawless skin tone, could you
give us some of your secrets to keep your skin so smooth? Pretty please? 

JF: Aw thank you!!!! I drink a ton of water, like A TON and I also use sunscreen every day and sweat during a workout every day which I like to think helps give a little glisten!

Follow Julia here and dicover her blog Everyday With J to follow her day-to-day experiences. Shop her look below for a chic and relaxed look to brave the winter chill.


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Shop With Julia

Images: Julia Friedman

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