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They happen every 5 to 10 years, they are the perfect time to show off your new partner and talk about your awesome new job, but is it also a source of major anxiety when you haven’t quite figured out your life yet. High school reunions can seriously be a hard time for those that have not settled just yet, but here are some reasons why they’re always worth attending.

Whether or not to attend your high school reunion is a question that thousands of graduates around the world face on a yearly basis. But attending reunions can also present psychological, financial as well as logistical issues that people may or may not be ready to deal with.

See, going to those type of events tend to bring up good as well as bad memories, like seeing people you never used to get along with, or even might have bullied you when you were 10 years younger. They can also bring insecurities out if you are not particularly happy about the way you look, or what you have achieved since graduating. This idea of comparing yourself to your ex school pal can also bring out this risk of regretting how your life turned out compared to another, or make you question all your choices. But why are we so bothered about what these people you never see on a day-to-day basis think about you? That’s something I’m having trouble answering.

On the other end, studies on Psychological Today state that those reunions can also be very eye-opening and develop wisdom, maturity and encouragement. Recalling old memories with classmates, whether good or bad, can help you gain a better insight of who you were back then, and who you’ve grown up to be. It can also make you think about who you like to surround yourself with today, compared to when you were a child.

Another positive aspect of reunions is that long-time friendship can finally be physical and not just led by Facebook messages and statuses. Because of our society today, we are mainly connected via the internet and seem to forget about the importance of actually meeting up in person, which can be a great opportunity to engage in conversations and encourage a deeper connection with people you have known your entire childhood.

The reason why I recently became interested in the topic is because my high school reunion is in less than 3 weeks and let me tell you, I wasn’t sure I wanted to attend. Not because I don’t feel accomplished or feel insecure about the way I look, but more because of how different I believe I have become compared to most of the people I went to school with.

I studied abroad, travelled quite a bit and feel like I became a much more stable and confident person than who I used to be, that I didn’t see the point of going down memory lane. But after a lot of going back and forth on whether or not I would enjoy heading to the big reunion, I decided that I would probably regret not attending such an event, and thought it would be the perfect occasion to be curious on what people are up to!

Generally, high school or even college reunions can be highly valuable for our well-being, but you need to decide whether you are mentally stable enough to put yourself out there. This is an amazing experience to learn more about yourself, become stronger and feel more accomplished but also have a nice time with old friends.

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