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2020 is now only a few weeks away and we thought this could be the perfect opportunity to round up the best trends we’ve written about this year. From the gorgeous tuxedo dresses, to ugly sneakers and finally our most cherished sustainable knits, there’s more than enough to celebrate this year when it comes to style!

Tell us, what has been your number 1 trend of 2019? What did you most feel comfortable in and what did you absolutely hate spotting down the runway? We would love to know so let us know in the comments below!

Kim’s Biker Shorts

You might recall some trends we were not 100% convinced about such as Kim’s Biker shorts or the overwhelming spread of different tones of pink, but both changed our minds very quickly. It’s actually quite funny how whilst we’re reflecting on this year’s seasonal trends, brands are already preparing to launch their next collections a year in advance!

All the prints!

But let’s remember the biggest highlights of 2019 such as the amazing choice for Fall prints, our transition to longer midi skirts and the abundance of amazing hair and pearl accessories!

Dance the night away….

Our favourite trends for a night out this year however, have got to be the unique take on tuxedo dress paired with an amazing pair of white pair of boots and a nice head piece to hide our hair from the rain.

Floral and dots

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about this Summer’s polka dot and floral invasion and couldn’t go anywhere without our tiny little bags we’ve taken to Paris, Milan and Casablanca.


Colour wise, you might recall our obsession for adding a pop of colour to our outfits this year, and we particularly loved the trending electric Summer blue.


Sustainability wise, it’s been an amazing year. We especially have been loving conscious cashmere, knits but also discovered ways to adopt a super sustainable fashion lifestyle to help save the planet.

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