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Change is coming – and it’s coming our way very quickly as the next generation of mobile technology has finally arrived. In cities across the UK (including London) 5G networks have been switched on, and this is what it means for the world of business, and the medical world.

Listen to this guys: according to an article on Wired, the new mobile data promises to make downloading movies and large applications almost instantaneous.Can you believe that? But there’s a lot more to 5G other its quick connection, which will benefit businesses and especially start ups, as well as consumers.

“There are some industries where we will see particular impact from 5G,” Scott Petty, CTO of Vodafone UK told Wired. “These include the automotive industry, the entertainment and media sector, gaming and the health sector.”

5G will soon become the biggest platform for technological advancements such as AI, robotics but also become the source to connect cities together to help the innovation of self-driving cars. This new technology will also make a massive difference in your everyday life to enhance reality during video calls, or even emergency medical calls.

Mind blowing right? But this is not all, as experts also believe that 5G will also help organisations as well as people to have an easier access to technology and therefore more skills and improve collaboration around the world. 5G will make society much more inclusive and sustainable.

For example, an article on the World Economic Forum claims that both emerging and developed markets that face challenges to provide healthcare in rural areas will be able to have primary care from a distance, thanks to 5G. This would somewhat turn ambulances and hospitals, into mobile ones. Doctors will be able to operate ultrasound equipment remotely, through VR glasses and using robotic arms to examine patients, and also allow them to perform very delicate procedures, remotely.

Other than the benefits that 5G will bring to the healthcare system, and to the speed of our networks, it’s also important to note that technological innovations overall have always participated in making people lives better around the world. There is a massive social value in the tech industry and it will be in our power to use this 5G technology to produce good technology, that creates a social solution for our planet.

But wait, what is actually 5G? It’s pretty much the next (and fifth) generation of mobile internet connectivity. It uses radio waves or radio frequency energy to transmit and receive voice and data to connect our communities. The technology behind creating the latest and fastest connection is all about making the best us of this radio spectrum, and using it to enable more devices to access internet at the same time.

We’re very excited about 5G here at TWC, both regarding our own phone usage and the opportunities it will bring to an incredible amount of services. We would love to know your thoughts on this crazy new technology and what you think it will mean for the near future in our comments below!

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