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With Halloween coming to an end and Christmas holidays just around the corner, we thought it would be an ideal time to help you make your homes comfortable and festive.

While holidays such as Christmas, Easter and Halloween might already provide easy inspiration to decorate your home, it’s not always easy to keep your interior festive – but there are many transitional decorating options you can use as the seasons change. Not everyone likes to add a Christmas tree in their homes as early as November, but there’s no harm in celebrating the seasonal colour changes. Scroll through to find a few basic and affordable ideas for your homes:


Flowers are the ideal tool to refresh the look of your home and bring cozy and seasonal scents to every room. Not sure which flowers are best for what season? Pastel coloured flowers such as tulips, roses and Peonies are most beautiful in the Spring, while anemonelilies and delphinium are the ultimate choice for the summer. In the Fall, we love to experiment with flowers that grow in warmer colours such as orange and red chrysanthemum or sunflowers, and poinsettia should always be your pick in the Winter.

We prefer large full vases in the Spring time, which you can also arrange and match with your bedroom sheets or even your favourite blanket in the living room. In need of some inspiration? We suggest using Pinterest for DYI inspirations.


Nothing screams holiday season like the pleasing smell of cinnamon spices and fresh cut grass! Which is why as well as updating your vases in your home, we also think you should update your candle scents as the months go by. Candles are also an amazing way to keep your homes cozy in the winter, and the ideal way to give your homes a burst of energy in the summertime. Scents are a personal choice, but we associate mulled wine and spice smells with winter, woody scents for Spring and lean towards floral smells for the Summer.


It’s no surprise that your home’s lighting can boost your mood or improve your well-being, but lights can also change the way you feel about yourself. Having a nice ambient and lighting in your home can not only bring a room to life but also transform the layout of your home and provide a much-needed festive atmosphere. While a well-lit living room can make you much happier in the Summer, we lean towards darker or softer lit rooms in the colder months.

A brighter lit bedroom in the winter days, however, can also switch your mood around and make you much more sociable to meet people. We know we can’t ask you to change your lights around from Summer to Winter but what you can do is switch your bulbs from brighter to warmer tones in the colder months or better yet, why not add some fun fairy lights around your fireplace or in the bathroom for a relaxed bath on a cold winter night?


For a lot of interior designers, pillows or toss pillows are seen as a secret weapon to make your homes complete. They can add a pop of colour to your somewhat plain couch, but also bring graphics and textures as well make all the seats in your homes much more comfortable. Pillows are not exactly easy to switch around in your homes, unless you are lucky enough to have plenty of storage space, but you can easily store different pillow covers in your drawers without it taking too much space.

We recommend brighter colours in the summertime, such as beige, pink or white depending on the colour of your couch and interior, but feel free to switch it up with some fun and textural pillow cases for the holiday season.


I personally absolutely love taking out my small pumpkins around Halloween and Thanksgiving season. I actually have a box under the bed with loads of different little decorations such as a wooden angel for Christmas, some fun past-coloured eggs for Easter and loads of fun and colourful candles which I take out of the box as soon as Spring hits. Another tip that can really brighten your rooms is to fill up empty vases or glass bottles with fake fruits, wine corks or pine cones to add some festivity and colour to your homes.

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