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It’s fathers day soon which can only mean one thing: it’s time to treat our beloved dads! It’s not all about fathers however is it? Because we all know this is also the ideal opportunity to treat our grand-fathers, husbands and more! Whether they’re beer lovers, or always on the lookout for the next thrilling adventure, here are 5 things we know for a fact the men in your life will adore.

Finding the right Father’s Day gift is always a daunting task. What are you supposed to get for the man that “literally” invested countless hours and spent all his time making sure you had a bright future? Getting the perfect present whether it is for your dad or anyone else is always going to be a stressful task, but what you have to focus on is thinking about something that is meaningful, rather than costly.

Keep scrolling down to find out about our top 5 recommended gifts to make any man happy:

To glam up: Getting your dad his beloved eau de toilette is not only a practical ideal but will also make him feel super special! If you’re unsure about his favourite scent, we definitely recommend Tom Ford’s Tobacco Oud for a manly and sophisticated perfume.

For his down time: Is your dad a sucker for the latest crime thrillers? Look no further and get him the latest David Baldacci for an easy read in the garden with a cold brew.

Quality tunes: There’s nothing more special than connecting with your dad over a great tune wouldn’t you agree? So, how about treating him to one of his favourite records or CD? If in doubt, you can always count on the Beatles for this one which might even get him up on his feet for a little dance.

To catch up: I don’t know about you, but if there’s one thing my dad and I have in common it has got to be our love for food and drinks, so why not treat them to their favourite cookbook, or even a takeaway subscription? Head over to our latest piece and discover Dinner Ladies’ Father’s Day special box if you’re located in London.

Got to keep busy: Does your father find it hard to sit at home and “do nothing”? If that’s the case, then getting him a gift that will keep him busy is just what he needs! This could be anything from a getaway voucher (once travelling becomes the norm) to an exciting gardening tool box to keep him busy in the garden.

What are you treating the favourite men in your life with? We’d love to know in the comments below!

Still not inspired? Here are some more items that we know your dads will love:

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