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We’re quickly approaching the time of year when the days get shorter, the sun (when present) only shines for a few hours in the afternoon and all you want to do is escape the city for a short while. The solution to that? Get out of town whenever you can!

From quaint countryside bed and breakfasts under an hour away, to playing tourist in a city a short train ride away, there’s never the right or wrong reason to get out. Perhaps you already made plans to catch up with friends over brunch, or planned a night out with colleagues – so instead of focusing on the perfect timing, use one of our 5 reasons to leave your house next weekend.

Change of scenery

Yes, the city you’re currently living in is one of the most popular places to be, and having your go-to spots like the gym, your barista at your favorite coffee shop, and a familiar walk down the road is all sweet and well. But sometimes you just need to see something else; a different view out of your apartment, just anything! Perhaps you don’t even want to bump into anyone and everyone at the Saturday market, and for that alone, pack your bags!

Discover a new city or simply indulge in a staycation

How many times have you heard yourself agreeing with a friend over planning a trip to that *one* city you’ve been dying to visit? Probably one too many times, so instead of postponing it to the *near future*, just get it over with, pack for 2 nights and hop on a plane! If however hitting all the must-see tourist spots in a foreign city isn’t exactly your *thing*, we recommend a foolproof getaway without actually getting away: a staycation.

Don’t underestimate a day trip

Maybe you’re reducing your carbon footprint by taking less planes, or maybe you’re simply too lazy to pack an overnight bag. For whichever reason suits you best, grab a train ticket or rent a car and drive out for a day trip to an attraction/museum/hotel/cute town that’s been on your radar. Visit a historic spot or go straight to the closest pub/restaurant and spend the day wining and dining. Doesn’t sound too terrible, right?

Get away from the dreary weather

That’s an obvious one if you live anywhere in the UK, or anywhere in the world and are suddenly shocked about how it’s *not* summer anymore. Seasons change, and it may rain for duration of an entire week and there’s nothing you can do about it. What you can however do, is to keep an optimistic mind and find the closest place with (slightly) better weather. You’ll snap a few good pictures to share on the ‘gram and you’ll feel reinvigorated to postpone complaining about the weather for at least a few more days.

Just because

A favorite in our guide on how to live your best life; because sometimes you don’t need a reason to get out of town. Some things are meant to be done, just because! If you simply find yourself feeling physically drained from work and your social calendar, grab your best friend, partner, or just yourself and get away for the weekend. You’ll be surprised at how a small break can truly make a difference – or at least keep your daydreaming at bay for a few weeks!

Tell us, which of the 5 above reasons will you use to plan your next getaway? While you sip on that thought, scroll through to find some worthy style inspiration to look as good out of town as you’d be in town!

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