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Do you ever feel like you’ve just had enough of your routine office job and wish you could make more of a difference in the world? Well, what if we told you that via your IG account and by creating a personalised blog, you’re just a few clicks away from reaching that dream. 

Although I’ve heard the word influencer many times over, I was never really sure what the word actually meant, but according to the dictionary:

influencer 1. (social influencer) A key individual with an extensive network of contacts, who plays an active role in shaping the opinions of others within some topic area, typically through their expertise, popularity, or reputation.

Can we all agree that we could replace the network of contacts by followers and opinions by likes? In the modern world, we definitely could! Becoming an influencer in this day and age represents more than you could ever imagine. Influencers are brands, marketing channels, and even considered celebrities. In fact, according to MuseFind, it’s been shown that 92% of consumers trust an influencer more than an advertisement.

I’m sorry if I made that sound easy, because it’s not and believe us, we know a thing or two about entrepreneurship and starting your own business – and so we were curious to find out whether there were specific steps to becoming a trendsetter. Here’s what we found out:

1. Pick a cause or follow a niche idea…

…that you’re passionate about. If you really want to be famous or make a difference in a specific industry, it’s important that you’re passionate about what you represent, but also that you stand out from the crowd. Whether you want to be a fashion blogger, start a movement or just want to start your own business, you’ve got to be 100% committed. You also have to be an expert and know exactly what you’re talking about, so you better start reading up!

There are no “days off” or turning back, you’ve got to give it all. Forbes describes influencers as “the golden children of marketing strategies right now” meaning two things – 1. once you’ve made it, you can stop worrying about rent and 2. it’s all about how you present yourself. Which leads us to Tip #2.

@Mensweardog – This dog is now one of menswear fashion’s most famous model! “I used to work at Ralph Lauren, but I wanted to spend time with my dog so I quit,” says Yena Kim

 2. Stay true to yourself…

…and don’t become someone you’re not. Value is crucial in whatever job you do, whether we’re talking about your style, personality or what you believe in, having people follow you should not be based on false pretences. Just think of it this way – if brands pay you money to represent their ethics and beliefs, it’s most likely because they think you’ll do it well seeing as to how you present yourself on the Internet. So make sure you don’t let companies and people down.

One of the reasons why consumers today trust influencers more than traditional advertisement is because they want real people to sell what they need or want. Learn the ropes, and guarantee to stay true to yourself and surround yourself with people you love.

Boxed Water – This water in sustainable packaging made a collaboration with the National Forest Foundation to plant 2 new trees whenever the post was re-posted with the hashtag #retree. This is an example of a social reach for a specific unpaid cause.

 3. Don’t be shy…

…and advertise your blog/profile/idea everywhere you go! According to Bloomberg, $255 million is spent on influencer marketing each month, so in order to get to that, you better brush up on your networking skills. You won’t necessarily need to empty your bank account to set up ads and posters around your city, but word-of-mouth advertisement is free and can be very efficient. Remember, all it takes is one person – if you make one person happy via your product, idea or business, then it’s most likely he/she will tell all his/her friends.

You’ll also have to build a community, invite people you don’t know to events that you organize, or even invite them to meet and talk about possibilities of helping each other out.

👥 #asseenonme Vans {459287} #kappausa #vansoldskool #wallfits #hsstyle #asosmen

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ASOS Insiders – Instead of paying ads and models, ASOS has been collaborating with major influencers to wear their clothes and advertise them on their social media.

 4. Keep yourself informed…

… about current affairs, people or vital events happening in that industry. You can even reach out to people by calling, emailing or adding them on LinkedIn. Follow people that do similar things to you – likecompliment and re-tweet them as much as you can until you get a like back. Remember that if you stand out, a brand will definitely reach out to you and you know why? Take a guess – what option do you think is most affordable: getting Jennifer Anniston to try on your mascara, or getting a standard 30-year old to post a photo on IG. That’s right, you got it, girl!

At first, things won’t be easy and you’ll just have to follow and like pretty much everyone, but don’ t worry, if your idea is deemed refreshing and different, it won’t take long to stand out and break the internet Kim Kardashian style.

Glossier – One of our favorite beauty brands is also ahead of the game, by stating that everyone can be an influencer! Women across the world have posted/tweeted/snapchated about their experience with the brand – and it’s a worldwide concept.

5. Be ambitious…

…and nice. Finally, you want people to like you and talk about what you do or say. Even if you decide to be an influencer with a certain product or idea, people will always want to get to know the person behind that project, and they want to like you. Of course, get ready for haters and backlash – they’re always going to be around, but if you use kind words and build trustworthy relationships with your followers, then it’s highly probable you’ll be looking at less hate.

While you should be kind and respectful, it’s also critical that you keep your hopes up and meet your ambitions. Don’t be afraid to ask for criticism and feedback from your friends, it can only help!

So if your dream is to become fashion bloggers, mommy blogger, YouTube makeup tutorial artist, fitness guru Instagrammer, travel blogger, vegan lover etc. now’s your chance! Just remember: stand out from the crowd and differentiate yourself.

Images/Source: Muse Find, Forbes, Bloomberg, Entrepreneur, E Consultancy, Right Now

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