Meghan and Harry’s Wedding Announcement 

If you’ve missed our previous article about how important the royal family is in the UK, have a look here to understand how relevant this announcement is. So yes, Prince Harry and the American actress: Meghan Markle have officially announced (and confirmed) their engagement which happened a few months back, and their wedding date for next summer. Harry has always been one of these wilder cards, much more of a party boy than his brother, so the news of him settling down with the gorgeous Meghan is more than good news! This also means that this summer will be full of celebrations and a gorgeous wedding. Apparently, everyone in the media already knew it would happen because she brought her dogs all the way from America to the UK. Because dogs are life, right?


As you know, immigration to Europe is a very popular choice for Africans in a period of extreme violence and war, and many immigrants are passing through Libya to get to Europe on their journey. Unfortunately, a lot of them have been stuck in Libyan immigration camps and being sold into slavery and other forced labor. Can you believe this is happening in our day? After a video leaked through the media, both European and African forces are working together to free these people from the camps and from the situation.

Trump’s Inappropriate Tweets

No surprises here as Trump continues his insanely inappropriate Tweets to piss off more International leaders. Earlier this week, Trump retweeted extreme right-wing British party: Britain First, tweets about Muslim racism and violence in the UK. Theresa May has stressed Trump’s wrong-doing for retweeting a falsely claimed fact of a “Muslim migrant” (who wasn’t even Muslim) and stated that the president of the United States shouldn’t be retweeting unverified facts. Is this another tweeter war for Trump?

Bosnian War Criminal 

This is the most shocking thing we’ve seen all year! To put this into context, the Bosnian War happened in the early 90s, just after the fall of the Soviet Union, and was an extremely violent war against different ethnic groups. Bosnian Serbs and Croats especially targeted Muslims which led to one of the most violent genocides since WWII. Earlier this week, a trial took place against Slobodan Praljak, a war criminal who appealed for his 20 years sentence in prison. As soon as the verdict came out negative for the man, he stood up and drank a deadly poison, cyanide, right in the courtroom. To later die in a hospital an hour later.


Image/Sources: ESThe Time, The Guardian, The Independent, BBC.

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