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Who else has been enjoying the newest season of Game of Thrones? To be fair, we’ve had nearly 20 months since the last season, so in my opinion, we all deserve some binging, but I’m sure I won’t alone when I tell you I’ve taken this break to contemplate and theorise how the nation’s favourite show will end.

I personally can’t help but wonder what other fans are thinking about our beloved show and it is so easy to spend hours looking up the latest fan theories on the internet but let me tell you, judging by the depth of analysis that fans out into this show, it’s easy to understand and imagine that some people have watched the entire seasons more than once.

As fans from around the world have been coming up with clues, reading the books in the hopes to find answers and re-watching all the seasons to try and read between the lines, we’ve taken a look at what we thought were the 3 most appealing theories out there which (warningmight contain some spoilers.

Will the night king turn the dead Starks back to life?

I think this is more or less for fans that hope their favourite characters come back to life but one theory that is apparently popular is that the infamous White Walkers will somehow find a way to reanimate the dead Starks, buried in the Winterfell crypts, back to life. If you think about it, there might have been some signs of this happening for a few seasons now.

Have you seen any of the trailers of Arya running up and down the crypts? Could she be running away from her dead family? Who knows, but that would be an exciting theory we’re happy to look at.

Is Danny the mad queen?

If you think about it, madness does run in her blood. Dany’s father was the Mad King Aerys II Targaryen who burned to death anyone who was disloyal to him and she hasn’t shied away from walking into his footsteps. She does let her followers know that she will not be held accountable for her father’s actions, but will jealousy, love or simply power make her act like her family members?

For 7 seasons now, the queen has been a strong and unimpeachable leader that has won the hearts of all the viewers, but could this have been to make everyone vulnerable to herself and her dragons? “She protects people from monsters.” But she could be a few horrid judgement calls away from becoming the monster herself? wrote Sarah Rense on Esquire.

Will our 2 favourite character become the Prince that was promised?

Another popular Game of Thrones theory outlines that Sam (Jon Snow’s loyal best friend) could very well be a secret Targaryen who might just as well have been the child of Rhaegar and Elia Martell smuggled away by Varys and sent to one of the most faithful Targaryen families: the Tarlys.

Or could it be Jamie? The Prince we’ve learned to love for his change of heart? Who is to say the Kingslayer who has been a villain couldn’t transitioned to the good guy’s team? Although people argue that he isn’t the most likeable and popular character, there are some theories that seem to show that he might just be. As one fan on Redditor has pointed out, the High Valyrian words for Lord and Light are Aeksio and onos which are both words for gold and hand which could refer to his golden hand…

We would love to hear your theories about how this show will come to an end in the comments below!

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