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Who knows about the best eating habits better than our loyal dieticians or personal trainers? Who has the best money tips other than marketing gurus and tax lawyers? And who would you want tips from about planning your upcoming summer wedding or big 30th birthday party other than an experienced event planner? That’s right, these experts are not only masters in their fields, but they also have pockets filled with tips and hints on how to live your best life. Each month, we will sit down with a specialist and ask them to give us 5 of the most common, disregarded, unique or even never heard before tips related to their field, and keep you guys as healthy, informed and aware as possible. PS: Please let us know if there are any experts you’re particularly interested in reading about, and we’ll make sure to add them on to our newest “Ask the expert” column for our next chat!

This week, we decided to give you some expert tips on the future of marketing strategies, and who better to ask than marketing guru and former managing director of Japanese car company: my uncle!

The reason why I feel great about quoting a family member here (although he didn’t let me mention his name), is because he has since leaving Mazda, picked up a new hobby of lecturing in front of keen business and marketing students, which has pushed him to stay on top of all trends related to his field. Having a strong and clear strategy is essential to achieve your goals and objectives, and it has been proven throughout the years that companies with strong marketing strategies are much more likely to achieve their 5-10 year objectives, and become a sustainable and successful company.

With technology evolving at a very rapid rate, business owners always need to stay aware of the latest changes and trends that are taking place in their field, and it’s essential to be able to measure and analyse the power of your strategy, which is why coming up with yours is crucial to your success. So without any further ado, let’s see what our expert has to say on the subject today.

“Don’t underestimate the power of content”

“Many of my students don’t really understand this idea of content marketing; which is a strategy that can easily be applied to all types of businesses, regardless of your sector and size, and which can create a massive impact on both  your internal and external communication which can fuel your company culture, but also create a customer relationship.” According to an article on Forbes, 63% of companies don’t actually have a content strategy. They don’t plan any of their social media posts, newsletters and published articles.

“I highly recommend any businesses to pick up on a content strategy that is easily optimised, that is attractive but also that makes your business look good. For example; companies such as Glossier have their content strategy to thank for their success,” he explains. Glossier had a content first approach to marketing their brand and it became the best thing they could ever do: give the people content they wanted to read and see. Glossier continues to share content on their blog section called Into the Gloss and have over 1.5 million followers on Instagram

“Make sure you know your target audience”

This might sound like a standard rule to finding your marketing strategy, but you would actually be surprised at how many companies don’t actually know (and care) who their target audience is. “Personalisation and user experience is something that has been talked about for a while now, and people are loving this trend,” explained my dad. Except you no longer need to spend time making sure your audience is having the best service, because technology can now fully create this experience for users.

Selling in general is a hard job, so imagine selling to someone that has no interest in what you’re selling, and no use. Identifying your target audience can also help your company develop an effective and successful strategy. “By sharing with your consumer both small and bigger needs and values as your company, you can not only make consumers for life, but also use these relationships to help  your company grow via audience questionnaires, public presentations and many other opportunities via social media.”

“Focus on the client’s experience”

For years, people have been talking about the future of video in the world of marketing, and we are finally seeing its effect. With the increase in high-speed internet and smartphones, streaming videos whenever has become one of the most common place to find new audiences and grow in popularity. “I personally believe that in today’s world, high tech such as AI, video and other multimedia tools are very closely knit with marketing and sale.”

According to this article, after watching a video, people are 64% more likely to buy a product online than if they hadn’t seen any videos. Watching a video has become more and more ingrained in cultures around the world and platforms such as Facebook make it even easier for companies to promote their content. “You should always make sure your consumer is happy interacting with your companies whether its via having an easy-to-use website, a striking printed magazine or offering technological experiences to introduce the values of your company. But don’t underestimate the value of AI either…

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