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Let’s face it ladies and gents, now is the time to catch up on all the shows you’ve never taken the time to watch but have heard so much about as we literally have all the time in the world. Between families 80s classics and brand new TV sensations, Netflix is here to keep you busy and entertained during these uncertain times.

I honestly think that Netflix has something for everyone and although there is plenty of guilty pleasures (some of which you will find below) or very low cost productions, there is also an impressive catalogue of TV shows that everyone will have heard of and enjoy. For this list we tried to pick out the somewhat *less obvious* gems to help you organise your watchlist for the week to come and we are certain you will find at least one must-watch you will not have seen before.

RuPaul’s Drag Race

If you’re looking for something to cheer yourself up whilst you are cooking a delicious meal or doing a relaxing puzzle I couldn’t recommend this show more. Not only does Netflix host the entire 11 seasons at your fingertips, but it also has started to launch the newest UK edition. You may be familiar with this type of format which is along the lines of America’s Next Top Model or Project runway meaning that this is a competition as well but each episode is another insane opportunity for each candidate to be the best drag they can be and dance, act or even sing! With fun guest star appearances such as Shania Twain and Miley Cyrus, we promise you’ll be more than entertained.

Love Is Blind

That’s right, the newest American reality TV show has made it into our list this week and we’re literally obsessed. The aim of this show is to prove that people don’t necessarily have to see each other or know what the other looks like to fall in love. And let me tell you, this experiment might have just proven to us that love is no where near blind after all. This reality drama is very bizarre (we agree) but there’s something intriguing about the fact that these people get engaged after a few hours of talking in a pod and then end up admitting their love for each other a few days later. The show ends in all the couples walking down the aisle, but will all of them say *I do*? Head over to Netflix to find out!

Star Trek The Next Generation

Could this series *be* considered better than the original Star Trek series? We’re definitely not here to start the debate but we would like to invite you all to find out for yourselves. The only warning we have is that there are 7 series all together so consider this quarantine sorted if you are going to save one episode a day. If you’re more of the binging type however you will definitely not be disappointed. We’re aware not everyone likes an absolute sci-fi gem but this one has got to make it to your watchlist so you can enjoy a pure classic! Didn’t enjoy it? Whatever, it’s still a great conversational starter with people you have never met before or want to impress.


It’s no surprise that this show has gotten some shoutout at various film and TV award ceremonies this year because not only is the acting amazing, but the story itself is astonishing. This show is based on a true story which presents us with the aftermath of a woman’s report that she has been raped. Unbelievable depicts the way the young and unstable young woman finds herself thrown into a flawed and unprofessional police system that will let her down and break her life apart. Just remember that this show is not for the light-hearted and may be hard to watch at times, but is a must-see in terms of its portrayal of the justice system and violence against women.

Orange is the new black

Another great one you should start as soon as you can is no other than Orange is the new black. The show follows Piper Chapman a former small-time criminal who is held accountable for her past actions during her somewhat *free* hippie youth. As you can imagine, after leading a life filled with the common routines of going to her PR work and returning to her soon-to-be husband at night, Piper might not exactly fit in a prison. Between unexpected escape attempts and romances, this show is truly awesome.

Arrested Development

Although we wanted to end on another old classic today, we’ve decided it was a must that we discuss Arrested Development because if you haven’t even heard of this show or seen any episodes then you are honestly missing out. Arrested Development is considered a cult-classic sitcom and is the story of a wealthy family that lose *everything*. The show follows their dysfunctional clan and between snappy dialogues and memorable characters, you may just die of laughter at every episode!

That’s it guys for now but we will be sure to come back to you with more recommendations before you get too bored and hopeless, we promise! 

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