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Money saving apps

Who here wants to save some bucks on your annual travel destination or weekly grocery order? That’s right we all do, which is exactly why we’ve tried all these money saving websites out for you and guess what – they’re amazing! We love helping you keep your finances in the positives here at TWC but we still want you to enjoy every little bit of life…

Save Money on: Travels!

Our first discovery this year after seeing CEO Jack in an insightful interview on BBC NEWS is Jack’s flight Club. Jack is pretty much the kind of man we love; he is a flight hacking ninja and loves to travel around the world on a budget, and he’s good at it. His passion is to explore the world and fly for ridiculously cheap prices, and he has discovered a way to find the most interesting prices in and out of the UK. Deals are super interesting, such as a one-way flight to Bali for £189 or Peru for £212! Yes, you’ve heard right! All you’ve got to do is sign up for their newsletter and wait for your dream deal to land in your mailbox. But watch out, some flights are quite last minute so might be safe to pack a small bag in advance just in case! Gotta love a spontaneous trip to LA for £199.

Save Money on: Groceries!

I literally feel like all my money goes to rent, and food (and the occasional night out of course) but I just had to find a way to save some money on my food consumption because, although I’m not the biggest eater, my boyfriend is, and there was no way I was going to keep paying £50 on chicken a week (did I mention he is in his full “get me protein to get buff phase?”). So anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to see actual results as I started ordering my food on The website enables you to compare the cost of the content of your trolley from your local supermarkets such as Tesco, Asda or whatever is near you (have to be online). By doing that, it will show you: 1) Cheaper products from different brands, 2) give you alternatives to the items in your trolley 3) give you healthier options 4) and finally lets you order directly on their website. But the best news is that the website will save your shopping lists stored on your profile to enable you to order the same products over, and over again. You are not obliged to buy the products online if that’s not your cup of tea, but it will give you a great choice of alternatives if you want to save money, or go healthier. Two in one package!

Save Money on: Calls!

Do you also get these annoying random phone bills with charges from numbers you don’t even remember calling? Most likely from when you were calling the usual Amazon customer service to claim a payment back, or Royal Mail to track an item. No more of that, nobody should be charged for phone calls, which is why we love Say No to 0870. The website enables you to see alternative numbers to these 08 numbers you want to call and will show alternative numbers that are free!

Save Money on: Luxury Items!

You already know this, but we love mixing high-end items with affordable fashion here at TWC which is why we believe you’ll feel strongly about The Real Real website. This second-hand website offers fashion deals for bags we’ve dreamed about for as little as £200! We’re talking Fendi, Chanel, and Gucci here, not the little guys! But it’s not just bags, it’s also shoes, jewelry, watches, accessories etc. The story behind Real Real is also super inspiring, having started very small they’ve managed to become the number 1 online second-hand luxury website with over 600 employees. The website is nicely curated and celebrates artists, designers and quality craftsmanship. It’s not just about getting a designer item for a good price, it’s about introducing you to great products which you wouldn’t necessarily look into because you either; couldn’t usually afford them or even know about those designers.



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