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Salisbury Attack

Investigations are still ongoing regarding this week’s murder attempt on ex-Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter who were both poisoned. Counter-terrorism officers are working to find the origin of the attacker. They were both found on a bench in Salisbury, in critical conditions and both are still in the hospital. Just a few days ago, military troops joined in to help the investigation as well.

Military troops at the scene of the attack

North Korea News

Just earlier this week, North Korea leader Kim Jong Un claimed he might be willing to get rid of his nuclear weapons. This all happened during talks between South Korean officials and Kim, where Kim told them he would be willing to meet Trump to discuss winding down his nuclear program in exchange for some diplomatic ties… This is, of course, TBC but it’s looking good!

Will the two presidents finally get along?

East Coast Storms

Our friends up on the east coast of America have been struggling much more than we did last week with their own heavy snow storm. Thousands of households were left without power and running water and discovered more than 60cm of snow overnight. I think it’s safe to say everyone around the world is ready for this terrible winter to end – but are we almost there?

Gender Pay Gap In France

Yesterday, and proudly so, France told companies they will have to close the gender pay gap or face fines if they refuse to do so. As you already know, women around the world make less money than men, and in France, they get 9% less but the country has had enough! We couldn’t be happier to hear this news and who knows – this might just be the start of it all?

In France, women make 9% less than men


Images/Sources: BBC, New York Times, CNN, The Independent

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