Storm Eleanor

You’ll have noticed a story pattern in the news this week, and 2018 is literally starting with a bang! Between storms in Europe and extremely low temperatures in America, this year has commenced with huge weather changes. Storm Eleanor has been sweeping through Europe in the last few days and has even created new landscapes in some of Britain’s coastlines. The violent storm force reached up to 100mph and bridges in main cities as well as highways were closed for security reasons. We surely heard the winds at night in London, but as soon as we stepped outside the wind seemed to have pushed away the clouds and we were left with a gorgeous sunny day.

Trump’s Book

How could we start the year without a bit of presidential debate? This story is a bit different from what we’re used to as we discuss Trump’s newly published book by Michael Wolff. The book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House is a controversial collection of extremely confidential revelations from Trump’s staff and family, about his presidency. Although the content is highly criticised, what has most attained the media’s attention is his mental stability, after he quoted himself as a “very stable genius“. Without a doubt an interesting read, we’re not sure this publication will do much good to Trump’s reputation, but then again, any press is good press isn’t it?

USA Weather Drop

The northeastern states of America have had serious record-breaking freezing temperatures. High winds have also knocked out the power in many cities in both Canada and the US, and temperatures of -20C have been feeling like -60C due to the very, very cold wind. Most flights out of main airports such as JFK have been canceled, causing huge chaos for security in airports and many are stuck on the continent for an uncertain amount of time! Although this is a very serious situation, we surely wouldn’t have minded being stuck in NYC. In better weather conditions that is!

On another note, to make you smile a little; here’s a cute video from the BBC website of some animals enjoying the snow in the US:

Images/Sources: BBC, The Telegraph

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