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We’re a bunch of super curious and ambitious workers here at TWC but we’ve also got that company culture where no one can ever ask the wrong question, or be afraid to ask for help. And whilst we’re all experts in our fields, whether it’s beauty, fashion or lifestyle, we always encourage each other to take on new courses and learn new skills. The only issue here however, is mainly budget and time, which is why we’ve put together a list of courses we think anyone could benefit from to make your CV a tad more attractive.

While I personally loved going to university and seeing my friends everyday, I find that taking the time out of your day to attend a class after a long day at work is exhausting. The solution for that? Online courses! Fortunately for all of you, the options for continuing your education beyond university or changing your career path has never been better than it is today, and not to mention, more affordable.

Whether your goal is to pick up a new hobby such as philosophy or languages, or learn how to code, there’s definitely a college class that will fit your needs.

The first and most likely popular skill a lot of young entrepreneurs are looking into adding to their CVs at the moment is coding. And we’re obsessed with a community called: Women Who Code. Women Who Code is literally on a mission to inspire women to excel in the tech industry. They teach free coding workshops, have weekly study groups, bootcamps, discussions and many more events you won’t want to miss. The programme is led by engineers who will do their best to help you either reach the level you want to achieve at coding, or help you create a network of contacts for the future.

It’s actually pretty amazing how communities and experts will take the time to organise free or low budget activities to try and inspire people to join their field. OpenTechSchool is the perfect example for that, it is an initiative by technology enthusiasts to offer free programming workshops and meet ups to inspire people of all background and gender to learn. This is a very friendly and open learning environment where everyone is welcome to participate around the world!

Not really into the tech sphere? That’s fine too! We’ve actually also got an exhaustive list of free apps you can download directly onto your phone to learn new languages such as Duolinguo and Memrise, or can join language conversation groups for free that are organised on Meetup.

If learning new skills such as photo editing or video editing is what you’re looking for, there’s also plenty of free online courses available for you. Our personal favourite for photo editing (and anything Adobe related) is on the website Phlearn. Although it isn’t all technically free (about £6 a month) you will be able to find some free tutorials but will need to subscribe to get access to in-depth tutorials. Phlearn is overall, one of the best tools to start with if you don’t have time to attend a class.

Skillshare is another amazing website which offers students a lot of short as well as in-depth courses mainly centred around graphic design. Many of the courses will be free, but you will need to get an (affordable) paid subscription to access them all. The main benefits of the courses is that they are very interactive, they will teach you everything from beginning to end and allow you to become a graphic designer in no time!

Inspired to take a course in photoshop yet? Or are you more into the idea of adding Arabic to your list of languages on your CV? Either way, we think you’ll have plenty to check out from the list above, but if you’ve got more recommendations please do let us know in the comments!

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