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Is your family hard to shop for, or are they all super predictable? The festive season is such a special time of the year, it brings everyone together, it gets warm and cosy in your home and of course, it’s the season of giving! There are so many gift ideas out there, whether it’s for the beauty loving aunts, the tech-savvy cousins or the fashion forward siblings, there’s something for everyone.

We absolutely love a good value for money gifts here at TWC and luckily for you, we’re full of good ideas! Are you looking for the best discounts on beauty products, or insane deals on Amazon? Either way, we’re sure you’ll be able to take your pick below.

This year, to make it easier for you and make everyone in the family happy, we’ve selected a range of items for all your different family members. Just remember the personality traits reflect my own family and I’m sure yours will be different! Get ready to treat your loved ones (and yourselves) below and enjoy those marvellous price tags.

For The Little Ones

Is your Christmas filled with kids running around, waiting patiently for Santa to come down the chimney? Mine certainly is, which is why I take so much pleasure in buying gifts for the little ones. Seeing their eyes as they see the living room filled with gifts is just something special, don’t you think? The biggest trend at the moment for little girls is 100% unicorns by the way….

For The Beauty Loving Godmother

Is your godmother always asking you for the latest best rated beauty product out there? Or is she always bragging about her newly purchased makeup kit? Either way, everyone loves a beauty kit under the tree, and here are some of our best picks. Looking for more beauty inspiration? Make sure you check out the beauty section of our website right away!

For the Fashion Forward Parents

I’m lucky enough to have parents that take a lot of pleasure to care about the way they look and dress. The reason why I say that I’m lucky, is mostly due to the fact that I get to steal my moms clothes every-time I’m home, but it also makes it very easy for me to get them things I know they’ll love. My dad is always happy with a slim fit shirt to wear to his lectures or for a night out, or a warm sweater for his weekend strolls, and my mom is all about comfortable loungewear or a classy blouse to wear on Christmas Day.

For The Adventurous Uncle

We all have that one relative that spends their holidays traveling around the world, and mine is my uncle. My mom’s brother literally has the best stories to tell around the fireplace on Christmas Day and I always love hearing about his adventures with the lamas in South America, and the crazy adventures he always takes his girlfriend on. So why not get him something you know will be useful?

For The Accessory Craving Grandma

In my family, if there is one person that loves accessorising (and especially so during family events) is for sure my grandma. She always makes sure she has got the earrings that match with her bracelet and her necklace, and she just looks amazing with them. There’s no denying that we all need a bit of accessorising every now and again, and these types of gifts are not only easy to find, but also super affordable. If it’s not your grandma that is an accessory lover, there are also a bunch of options for your nieces, and all the other members of the extended family! Remember that anything hair related is uber trending at the moment.

For The Tech Savvy Brother In Law

Who is your family is always fixing everyone’s Wifi connection, setting up bluetooth devices and helping you add cool apps to your newly purchased phone? If you know who I mean, these gifts are for him or het! This category is one of my favourites because not only are these fun gadgets easy to find (on Amazon or in tech stores) but they are also fun to use with the family.

For The Funny Grandpa

Every festive seasons needs a joker, and there are so many gifts you could get them to make their Christmas even more special. Whether you opt for a funny slogan tee, an inappropriate book of jokes, or a fun board game, we already know he or she will absolutely love it!

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