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In order to kick off the week in the best possible way, we take a look at the reasons why cleaning up your workplace might just be what you need. Ever heard of the saying “a clean space equals a clean mind”? There are actually a lot of studies that have shown that having a clear desk will help you be more productive, but also clear your mind from distractions.

Visual pollution is actually a term that is used a lot across studies of mental health in the workplace, and it refers to anything that you could have in your line of vision that might attract your attention for nothing. This can be anything from a piece of paper to random objects such as pictures, hairbands and cables.

In order to help you out in this cleansing journey, we listed the best way to go about it. Just remember that we’re not asking you to get rid of everything on your desk, just like when you clean out your wardrobe, we are only here to help you realise what you don’t actually *need* versus what is essential.

Distractions are a no-go

The first thing we’re asking you to do is to take a few minutes to look at your office space, whether it is at home or at your office, and start to prepare a pile with things you probably don’t need, and a pile of things you definitely need. Studies have shown that having a lot of clutter around you can very easily distract anyone from doing a good job so make sure you do this exercise very thoroughly.

Decluttering as therapy

Just like when you are about to cook a nice dinner and organise your kitchen in order to stay focused, you can also treat this decluttering exercise as mental therapy. Tidying up your space, sanitising your keyboard, and getting rid of empty cups will make you feel amazing first thing in the morning, and you can also try and make it a daily exercise for yourself. Not only will this make you feel accomplished, it will also most likely motivate you to do a great job!

A bit of chaos can help creativity

Although we strongly believe in having a nice and clean space to work here at TWC, it has also been proven that people that have a creative job such as painters and musicians, will gain inspiration from a bit of organised chaos around their work area. This won’t be for a long period of time however, as it has been proven that as soon as the inspiration disappears, they will often re-organise their space again.

Whether or not you think cleaning up your desk might be the best thing to do for your mental health this week, we would love to hear what your thoughts are on the topic! Please don’t hesitate to comment below and share your top tips.

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