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What is it going to be this year? Cesar and Cleopatra? The minions? Jane and Tarzan? Although we love all of these ideas, they are quite overdone trust me, I lived in the states for 5 years! So how about this year, we go all out with some original and more or less unique costumes to amaze our friends? Don’t you worry, we don’t expect you to be a makeup magician, or an expert costume designer, all you’ve got to do is use a bit of your imagination, and be ready to take a risk…. Muhaha!

Wait a minute, before you rush to a fancy dress shop and purchase things you’ll never wear again, make sure you take a good look inside your closet and see what could work and if you end up buying something make sure you think about what could easily reworn for other occasions.

With minimal effort you’ll easily be able to throw something together! We promise it’s worth it to make your costume yourself because not only will your bank account thank you as costumes can be pricey but you also must remember that Halloween is no excuse to not continue to shop sustainably. Recycle baby!

For the Halloween lovers

Our all-time favourite Halloween costume is, you’ve guessed it, the Day of the dead look. Why, you might ask? Because it can so easily be put together at home with your own clothes and make you look *so* good! All you’ve got to do is find a floral or black dress and a black shirt for your man, purchase a flower crown or a black hat, and go crazy on the face paint! This is a very cute partner look, whether you dress up with your best friend or your other half. Think about the opening scene of James Bond’s Spectre for this one if you need some inspiration, and get ready to make some noise your Instagram feed!

For the jokers

What’s funnier than a clown? How about famous dishes from your favourite brunch menu? Think bacon and eggs, croissant and butter… Or how about your bath essentials such as soap and loofahs? We’re getting very creative here but hey, you gotta make some people laugh! This category is literally all about testing how crafty you can get, so make sure you go full on. Better yet, if you like puns, why not dress up as a “smart cookie” or “green with envy” or even a “French kiss“? Getting confused? Maybe this theme isn’t for you, but if you’re a minimal effort type of person, the “50 shades of grey” outfit is always a popular one. We’ve also got plenty of slogan t-shirts as well below if you’re not exactly feeling the Halloween vibe and don’t mind being called lame by your friends….

For the risk takers

Is taking a risk at your friends Halloween party more your thing? Do you want to make head turns when you walk through the door and risk the constant looks? if you answered yes to both of these questions, then you’ll need to go for a strong political move. Don’t worry, we won’t get you in trouble here, but you’ll without a doubt start some controversy at the dinner table, or around the bowl of punch. We’re thinking Trump and Melania, King Jong Un, Pablo Escobar and cocaine, or even Kim and Kanye West if you feel like it. All of these will without a doubt make you stand out, and we’re sure you’ll think of plenty other ones we haven’t mentioned.

For the Hollywood maniacs

Finally, are you dying to dress up as your favourite Hollywood star or person from a TV show? Luckily for you, these past few years have been filled with great television. From the cast of Stranger Things, to Grace and Frankie and the latest Jokers film, there’s so much inspiration right on your television set and on Netflix, you don’t need to go far to get stimulated! Our personal favourite this year has got to be Steve and Robin’s sailor outfits from Stranger Things or the entire Money Heist onesie group if you’re a large group of friends. Can’t afford to go all out? How about you go for Jim and Pam from the office in simple everyday wear, or pick your all time favourite look from Ross, Rachel and the gang?

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