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Pick up lines

Let me ask you something, do you believe pick-up lines work? Has anybody ever seduced you by asking you if you fell from heaven? or by saying they wished they were a stop light so they could stare at you a little longer? I don’t think it ever worked on me, or on any of my friends to be honest, so why are individuals still using those cheesy pick- up lines around the world?

After asking my close friendship group about whether they thought pick-up lines were a good idea, I found out that 1 out of 20 of them believed it could work, mostly because they thought it was funny, but none of them considered it a good way to start a proper conversation.

There’s no denying it, the dating game is overwhelming and although most of the dating scene is now happening online, strange and quirky lines are still somehow falling through the cracks. There are studies on the topic and many conclude that although pick-up lines are not always successful (or should I say almost never) they help women and men filter out the other’s personality attribute. For example, if a man says something funny it will 95% of the time trigger the woman to be drawn to him if humour is a personality trait she likes in a lover.

In order for the above to work, however, the person using the pick-up line should choose the best pick-up line to outline something special about their personality, an attribute which they want to highlight. This way, this will allow the other person to identify whether they are attracted to them.

Although this all sounds very interesting, I still can’t get my head around the fact that men and women still use these outrageous pick-up lines, so I had to ask what the best and worst lines my friends had ever heard, and let me tell you, it’s been a fun few days of research.

My friend Sophie who lives in Los Angeles, went to Hawaii a few years ago. She was standing in line to get a burrito in a food court when a guy just behind her asked her if she needed a band aid, to which she answered a confused “huh?”. “Because you must have hurt yourself when you fell from heaven” he answers. It didn‘t work, but she still had a great day that day because that burrito was da bomb.

Cheesy pick-up lines are also 100% present on dating apps, but whether they function better written or in real life is uncertain. My friend Ana stumbled upon a (very) cute guy the other day on Tinder but the caption on his profile was this lame pick-up line (using her words here). “Can I tie your shoes for you because I don’t want you falling for anyone else” it said. Believe it or not, she swiped right…. but they didn’t match!

On another cuter note which will give you back faith in humanity, my friend believes she used the best line a few years ago and to be fair, she must have because they ended up dating for a few years! She was at a party (that’s right, my friend is a girl) and saw this guy who she knew had friends in common with her. The two chatted away until he asked her whether she had their mutual friend’s number so they could tell them about their random encounter. Shehad his number but lied and told him to take her number instead so she could give him the friend’s number later on. This, of course, led to late night texts getting to know each other…

I surprised a lot of my friends with my question, “people really use pick-up lines?” one asked as if this was something that only happened in teen movies. “Yes!” I answered, I swear people do. On that note, I have to finish this thought piece on probably the smoothest pick-up line story out there. My friend Susan was in a bar one day, and the same guy came up to her, twice on the same night, with the same pick-up line. That’s right, it’s a true story! “Be unique and different, say yes!” to which she answered “no thanks”… twice.

We would love to know, how do you feel about pick-up lines? Do you think they can somehow reflect some of your personality or are they ridiculous? Let us know in the comments below!

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