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Here’s one to all our fellow animal lovers out there: how have YOUR pets been dealing with Covid-19? Believe it or not, ours have been acting like serious crazy loons to tell you the least! It seems like our cats are getting sick of us, and our dogs are more demanding than ever!

I’m sure you’ve already seen all the great memes out there. Between fed up cats asking their owners to leave them in peace and dogs jumping on top of furniture to let “Karen” know that, no, they don’t want to go on their 10th walk of the day!

I personally have really enjoyed hearing about all my friends’ stories of their animal’s behaviour during lockdown, although it’s important to note that the current situation has also caused some negative effects on our beloved animals which we will pick up later in this piece.

The good news is that dog owners haven’t been restricted to walk their dogs in most countries around the world, and so most pets have been getting their daily exercise, but it seems some breeds have been struggling more than others. Professional pet sitter Rea Dominguez, told The BBC that although most dogs she has been looking after during lockdown have been relaxed, one in particular has been “driving her crazy”! The reason being that the dog would usually live a much more active life and seemed to be running out of things to do in the house.

Our fellow social media intern here at TWC told us that her cute puppy has been “needier than ever” and has literally become a desk dog as she likes to call it. “My dog has always been an attention seeker, but since lockdown and spending much more days indoors with her, she’s been craving for attention ten times more than usual, which we didn’t think was possible” she explains.

Although most dog owners I chatted to had a positive response to the behaviour of their dogs during the lockdown, cats seem to have been acting even crazier than usual. “It seems like Shadow has become sick of us in a way” explained my father when I asked him how the family cat was doing. “He walks out of a room when we walk in, and has taken on this habit of staring at us for hours when we’re on the sofa or in the same room as him, which he’s never done before!” I think it’s worth noting that Shadow (my parent’s cat) used to be the neediest cat in the world!

Sadly however, not all animals have adapted to the change in circumstances as well as we’d hoped. Some dogs for example, have shown signs of depression from lack of activeness or attention from their owners when indoors. Other working dogs such as sheep dogs and assistant dogs that are used to follow their owners at work or in other social situations can also suffer from lacking social interactions with other humans, which can also make them seem less active and happy than the norm.

If you feel like your pet may be acting in a somewhat bizarre way, there’s loads of online advice you can find to keep them amused and busy. Experts also recommend giving pets some alone time as well to avoid them having separation anxiety once the lockdown is over, even if it’s just for a half hour a day.

There are also plenty of toys you can find online to make sure your pets get enough exercise and entertainment during the day, because you’ve got to remember they can’t binge Netflix and read a book!

We’d love to hear about your own experiences with your pets during Covid-19 in the comments below!

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