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The fact that this lockdown may last longer than we thought is all over the news but this is not an excuse to give up on your routines and let yourself go. Quite the contrary, we think this is the ideal time to (as you already know) pick up those books we’ve left in the corner for too long, catch up on the best TV shows, but also to keep busy by doing practical and enjoyable things.

Who knew you would finally have the time to learn French or Italian, to put together this photo album you’ve printed all the photos for a while back, or even to do a proper clean up of your flat? Although these seem like big tasks to take on, just remember that you can take it slowly and work on a day-by-day routine. We know it’s sometimes hard to be 100% positive 24/7 but we were hoping to help you out a little bit by putting together a list of things that have helped us stay positive here at TWC.

Who here remembers Sally Draper’s quote from Mad Men “only boring people get bored”? Well, this quote has honestly been a massive influence in my motivation whilst in quarantine, because I haven’t allowed myself to get bored at all. I feel like finding something new to do on a daily basis is truly key to keeping stimulated and here are some of my top tips to keeping busy and happy:

Make lists & keep busy

You might know this about the TWC team already but we’re all about lists here because not only will it help your daily routine, but it will also help your mental health. It’s a known fact that procrastination can cause boredom if you lack any type of distractions to take your mind off your task, which is why making lists of things that need to be done will help avoid any time of low motivation.

Waking up in the morning and organising either your day or your upcoming week on a piece of paper will also help enhance your creativity! According to this article on The Guardian, when you write up your list, you should also be giving yourself deadlines to try and stick to. For example, if this week’s main task is to clean up the house, you could try and tidy up your place room by room and not do it all at once!

Keeping your mind busy is also a great way to nurture your brain and even find some opportunities to explore new ways you can educate yourself. Why not start a new painting project? Or even learn how to use Photoshop? But if you’re really feeling inspired, this may also be the best time to make a list of all the things you would like to achieve before 2022!

Make changes & connections

It’s clear that staying home much more than usual will also mean you will need to make some alterations to your usual routine, but change can also have a very good effect on your health. Because we are being asked to work from home and won’t have to jump on the tube as much and meet friends on a Friday night, it’s vital that everybody tries to keep this connection with your loved ones by using FaceTime or Houseparty. You can even play games on those apps to feel like you are just out with them in a pub!

By adapting new routines and setting up time aside to catch up with old friends or family members, you will immediately lose this sense of boredom and start getting used to these new social interactions. Feeling bored or lonely a normal human emotion but a sustained sense of loneliness should not be something that anything should find normal. Studies have actually show that chronically lonely people are more at risk to suffer from high blood pressure and are more vulnerable to infections and other illnesses. Which is why it is *so* important to make special connections even when locked into your homes.

Make memories & eat well

Finally, picking up a good eating habit during this time of quarantine is one of the most important things you should be thinking about right now. The importance of a good diet is vital to the health and in particular those who rarely go outside, which is why this period of isolation will mean that *everyone* will need to pay extra attention to their dietary needs.

Picking up good eating habits can also be a great way to make memories with your household by catching up over a nice meal or discovering new recipes. Taking the time to plan your meals and chop all your ingredients with your friends and family may just become your new favourite time of the day! Just remember how important it is to keep moving as well, even if it means going back and forth in your living room! Better yet, why don’t you get up and put your workout clothes right away? This might just motivate you enough to do some squats!

We’re eager to keep you going during these hard times so watch out for our specially curated articles coming your way which will make your isolation period a bit more jolly!

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