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There’s a good chance you know, or have seen on Instagram, someone that has recently *put a ring on it* and that’s because according to research, the months between December to February are the most popular times of the year to get engaged. We got curious however, how has this tradition of getting popping the big question changed since our parent’s time, and are millennials doing it differently as they are doing everything else?

Deciding to get engaged during the holiday season and at the beginning of the year makes sense really, we all know Christmas and the holidays are such a magical time but social media is not exactly making it easy for us that are desperately waiting to meet prince charming, or for that special person to finally pop the question… Especially whilst we’re struggling to fight the January blues and keeping up with our dry month!

Another main reason why this is a super popular time for men and women to tie the knot, is mostly because it is an opportunity to be around family and friends to share the good news, but also in a somewhat less glamorous way, to ask for financial help from parents and loved ones.

According to studies, millennials are moving away from the tradition of only asking their parents to fund their weddings. According to jewellery designer Jean Dousset who worked with 1,850 newlyweds that organised their big day, 15% of those couples asked for donations from anyone to pay for their big day, and 30% of the wedding guests donated to both the wedding and the honeymoon. I feel like 30% is quite a lot, could this be a rise in this *community* bounding culture we’re seeing pop up all over the world?

But it is safe to say that when family or friends are not able to participate in the wedding costs, millennials have also shown that they are not afraid to save up and pay for their wedding themselves. According to the same study, 50% of the people that took part paid for their own weddings by splitting the costs equally between them. I feel like this is an amazing shift from our parent’s generation, but also am very impressed people can afford to do that!

This study also showed a big dip in the tradition of turning to the bride’s family to fund their wedding, where this group of millennials responded that less than 20% of the weddings were paid by the bride’s family only.

When it comes to trends and actual wedding day organisations, it seems like our generation is still pretty traditional. According to research and polls, most of my friends and people my age decide to go for white dresses and big wedding cakes, but the tradition of assigned seating seem to be disappearing where only 15% of people from Jean Dousset’s polls said they assigned seatings at their weddings. I personally think I would like to have assigned seating, it’s nice when people get to know each other!

Some other traditions have died out however, such as the old English rhyme of having *something new, something borrowed and something blue*, single gender bridal and groom parties, and finally taking your spouses’ name.

Funnily enough however, this shift of choosing to get engaged during a holiday such as on Christmas, New Years and Valentine’s Day has increased by 28% in the last year. There are however reasons as to why people would *not* particularly want to get engaged during the winter holidays, which goes beyond the joy of being away from your desk.

One of them being that if you want to get married in the Summer it won’t give you enough time to plan that much ahead if you are in a hurry and don’t want to wait another year, and surveys have shown that although men like the idea of proposing in the winter, women are more in favour of getting a warmer proposal at the beach or with a tan on.

We’re curious – when do you think would be the best time to get engaged? Would you rather do it surrounded by your family, or have a more romantic getaway at the beach in the summertime?

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