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Decorating your home shouldn’t feel like a daunting task. Neither should upgrading some of your furniture that just doesn’t look as good and as new as they once seemed. And what better time than January, when you can snag some of the best deals in interior decor of the year? That’s right, after Thanksgiving that comes conveniently accompanied with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we’ve got White January which apparently (just found out upon reading an article) offers some of the best bedding bargains.

How appropriate for today’s story, am I right? Speaking of today, let’s focus on what we’re really here to discuss – enhancing your home decor without A. an interior designer and B. spending a fortune on exorbitantly priced furniture that no one is allowed to sit on. But, that shan’t scare you away from fancy decor magazines, where you can browse through some elegant and creative homes to get some major inspiration.

Browsing is one thing (and a good start!), but when it comes to actually purchasing that one missing piece, where should you begin? The world wide web, that’s where. Between Pinterest, Etsy, home decor websites and apps, the limit does not exist. Lucky for us, as some of the best deals are found right there. Believe it or not, there are some pretty great hidden home gems to discover – none of that obvious, common and ‘seen everywhere’ stuff you buy at Ikea. Some of the world’s best high street stores have been hiring brilliant creative directors to create said home gems. Originating from that is Target’s 2018 collection – expect modern pieces to elevate your personal space.

Please note that when we suggest your ‘enhance’ or ‘upgrade’ your home, that doesn’t automatically mean you need to refurbish your whole house from scratch. It can simply mean to replace a few items that will only go noticed by people that pay extra attention to detail. Sick of your bathroom mirror? How about switching it up for this fancy one that comes with a marble stand? Moving over to your kitchen and dining table – do the covers of your chairs look old and used? Try replacing it via DIY with some majestic looking material found on Etsy? While you’re in the kitchen, have you ever noticed that coffee mugs turn a slightly darker shade after consuming Earl Grey tea and a cup of joe every morning, 365 days a year? We have, and are investing in a new set of fancy cups from guess where? One of England’s most affordable supermarket. Tesco’s Fox & Ivy line strikes a stylish balance between tradition and modern swank.

Making the most of the space you have without spending the big bucks. It’s the little things that will truly make a difference. Use the above mentioned tips to shop like a pro and not get intimidated by hefty price tags while browsing through stores for pieces that you need to put a down payment on first. Not only will you evoke a sense of elegance with these thoughtfully picked out pieces, but you will give the impression that you just walked into an AD home.


Images: Tedxumkc Decoration

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