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Ever wonder what your favourite celebrities were up to before they either: made their first movies, sang their first singles or walked their first catwalks? We surely did, and couldn’t believe the things we discovered during our research.

What first triggered my curiosity was whilst I was leisurely zapping through channels on a Tuesday night and stumbled upon the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. That’s right before Bella and Gigi became the hottest sisters in the model industry, they were Yolanda Hadid/Foster’s daughters on Bravo. If you watch some of the first seasons, you’ll see Gigi helping her mom out in the kitchen, Bella dealing with a DUI and their mom bringing them to their new apartments at uni. Although this might not be very exciting TV timeI couldn’t believe I had never known about this! Their mom Yolanda is a Dutch TV personality as well as a model and was married to Mohammed Hadid, who was a real estate developer.

Now if this wasn’t enough TV drama for you, I also recently found out that Courtney Cox, before becoming some people’s favourite or least favourite character on F.R.I.E.N.D.S. got a head start with her career thanks to her experience starring in a Bruce Springsteen video called Dancing in the DarkThe video came out in 1984 and her TV career started just after the appearance.

On a less so happy note, who else followed Selena Gomez’s fight with Lupus? The autoimmune disease meant that she had to go through chemotherapy and although she has been open about her health issues, there’s a lot we (I) didn’t really know about her life. She was born in Prairie, Texas when her mom was just 16 years old. Her parents divorced when she was just a child but she took her chance and wanted to follow her mom’s footsteps to become an actress.

Although some were lucky enough to get a big break as early as in their teens, some had to go through a more difficult path. For example, did you know that Sylvester Stalone’s first movie was in porn? The movie was called Party at Kitty and Stud’s. Not only was it his first movie, but he was also only paid $200 for 2 days of filming. After the release of Rocky, Stalone’s biggest movie, the porn film was re-edited and released as The Italian Stallion. 

And to continue on the theme of strange jobs before actual careers, I absolutely loved finding out that one of my favourite actors Christopher Walken travelled with the circus as a lion tamer when he was 15 years old! No wonder he is such a talented actor – I can imagine he has seen it all whilst travelling with the circus. But just as weirdly, did you know Jerry Springer, the famous American presenter used to be the mayor of Cincinnati? I couldn’t believe it either but then found out that he also has a degree in law…

Images/Sources: The Stylecaster, The Insider, IMDB