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Although only a few countries have started to relax the rules in the past few weeks in regards to social distancing and isolation, we’re all hopeful it will be our turn soon! As we get ready to put our worn-out sweats away and rediscover the feeling of wearing shoes on a daily basis, we’ve been discussing the things we most look forward to doing after the lockdown has been lifted. From hugging our loves ones, to heading to the hairdresser and picking up new habits, keep reading to find out!

Are you also getting tired of asking your friends what they’re up to this weekend when really, we all know it’s going to be doing the same two things: baking banana bread and perfecting our home made margaritas? If there’s one thing I’m starting to truly miss during this period, it’s making weekend plans! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about flying across the Atlantic or backpacking through Europe, I’m literally just talking about being able to start going on a walk with a purpose rather than to just be getting exercise or time away from screens.

Which is what brought me to the following question, what is the first thing I’ll do after lockdown? Doesn’t this question seem almost *too* heavy and hard to think about on some level right now? My brain’s been working at 100 miles an hour since I started thinking about this idea which is why I took to my quest to my social group, and asked the same question to everyone. Here are some of the best I heard:

“The first thing I’ll do after lockdown is…wax! Although I obviously can’t wait to see my family and go back home for a few weeks to hug my parents, I really need a good wax.”

“The first thing I’ll do after lockdown is… jump in a pool! Hot or cold, I don’t even care.”

“The first thing I’ll do after lockdown is… give my sister the biggest bear hug I’ve ever given in my life!”

“The first thing I’ll do after lockdown is… kiss someone! I haven’t touched anyone in months, can you believe it?”

“The first thing I’ll do after lockdown is… get rid of my Xbox! I overdid it during lockdown.”

“The first thing I’ll do after lockdown is… write a book! I know I should’ve taken the opportunity to do that with all that time I had on my hands, but I feel like my experience post-lockdown will be even more interesting, don’t you?

“The first thing I’ll do after lockdown is… change jobs! This is anonymous, right?”

“The first thing I’ll do after lockdown is… take a cooking class! To be fair I could’ve really used that skill during lockdown!”

“The first thing I’ll do after lockdown is… head over to a shop, any shop, and say hello to someone other than my girlfriend!”

“The first thing I’ll do after lockdown is… get a facial and a haircut! As much as I’ve tried to take matters into my own hands (not the haircut, no matter how many IGTV tutorials I watch), the professional hand is missing!”

“The first thing I’ll do after lockdown is… get the first plane home! And have a BBQ outside with my family.”

What are you most looking forward to doing after this is over? Let us know in the comments below!

Better get your summer wardrobe ready for the big day!

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