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Is it me or the excitement of trying to be in the next Masterchef by cooking everyday and baking the best brownies out there is slowly becoming more of a painful task? But again who knew restaurants and bars would be closed for so long, right? To cheer you up today, we put together a list of the best (according to us) both local and international delivery services who strive to make dinner time easy, and fuss-free!

Although the current climate has undoubtably made takeaway services slightly more popular and attractive, I’ve always been a sucker for having fresh goods delivered to my door. Especially when living in London where you don’t always have easy access to markets or quality produce. Of course I also treat myself to the occasional takeaway, but then again, who doesn’t? With such a rich selection of apps such as Lieferando and Deliveroo, this week is more focused on “do it yourself” deliveries which still demands a bit of cooking.

Dinner Ladies 

This is for all you Londoners out there, meet the Dinner Ladies whom I first discovered thanks to my mom based in Paris – she ordered a delicious food box with wine for our Easter meal! The two lovely co-owners Lily and Emily founded their company in 2015, and it’s fair to say that their dedication is solely focused on pleasing their customers and deliver the best possible service. Their menus are filled with flavourful tastes from different regions and countries, and their goal is to pack British ingredients with contemporary flavours and spices inspired by their travels.

You can either order an already made meal which you’ll need to pop in the oven, or a box of fresh vegetables from their local markets. The girls also have a wide wine and beer menu, as well as new weekly goodies such as chocolate brownies and key lime pies. Got a celebration coming up? Call up your home girls as they can also prepare celebratory dinners, BBQ boxes and even a special snack pack for the upcoming Father’s Day! See the full menu here.

Hello Fresh

If you like cooking but aren’t the creative, spur of the moment kind that comes up with your own recipes, then we strongly recommend signing up to the international food service, Hello Fresh. Not only do they give out discounts for new customers, they also offer a variety of recipe boxes that meet everyone’s needs.

Got a large family or have picky eaters in your home? Don’t worry, you can pre select the recipe boxes you want to receive in advance and even book your favourite time slot for the delivery! I’ve personally never had a bad experience with Hello Fresh and all their ingredients and recipes have always exceeded my expectations, especially during stressful times when you might not be in the mood to go grocery shopping, or when a feel-good meal is exactly what you need to make your evening a little brighter!

Odd Box

Another popular London-based delivery service that has been popping up on our feed is Odd Box, also known as London’s favourite vegetable box. Why Odd Box? Well, the company works closely with farmers across the UK as well as abroad to rescue fresh and seasonal surplus of fruit and vegetables which are at risk of becoming food waste. We’re talking leftovers, “odd” looking vegetables and much more!

You have to remember that a third of all the food we produce goes to waste, so why not help the environment by limiting greenhouse gases and order the surplus?


Whether you’re in Rome, London, Milan or Turin we have another great recommendation for you, Cosaporto! Their service was created to gather all the different dinner party essentials into one place. Don’t just settle for bringing the usual bottle of wine, last minute mediocre bunch of flowers or a dry cake from your corner shop to your next dinner party. Cosaporto actually lets you pick fresh produce such as ice cream, artisanal breads and much more from your local suppliers, and has them delivered to your preferred address!

If you’re looking to treat a friend or want to bring some joy to a family member’s dinner plans, you can also have it delivered to your friends’ house with a sweet personalised message. Although it’s currently limited to these 4 cities at the moment, we’re hoping they will expand very soon!

Hedonism Wines

What’s a good meal without wine am I right? This one is for the wine connoisseurs out there who are getting tired of getting the same bottle of wine from the corner shop every week, and who are into the idea of trying new and exciting wines! I don’t know about you but I find it particularly enjoyable to discover new wines that are not only affordable but also taste good.

The shop delivers worldwide and honestly have some of the best selection out there whether you’re more of a sweet or dry white wine, or red wine kinda gal! What’s more, their assortment also features high-end spirits, champagnes and exclusive home accessories to make you not only look but also feel more knowledgeable. A hidden gem just off Hyde Park! We highly recommend popping in for a wine tasting or just to browse through the boutique on an afternoon…

Feeling festive and want to embellish your dinner table with freshly picked flowers? Then you’ve got to head over to Freddie’s Flowers and order your first bunch as well.

What’s your favourite delivery service? Let us know in the comments and don’t be shy to share your plates with us on Instagram by tagging us for a chance to be featured.

Here are some great kitchen props you’ll need to cook your nice meals & drink your tasty cocktails!

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