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We love our traditions here at TWC and although this Easter weekend may be a bit different from what we are used to, we’ve tried to keep the holiday spirits up by firing up the oven to bake some delicious goods!

What will you be tempted to try this weekend? Will it be our founder’s all-time favourite cucumber margarita to get dancing on the tables, or will you be relaxing with a glass of wine whilst savouring a lamb dish? We also have vegetarian and vegan options so don’t close the page just yet!

To start…

Baba Ghanoush from a friend by our social media specialist, Sandra

“As I won’t be able to spend these dates with my family to enjoy my dad’s delicious cooking, I’ve decided to cook some healthy alternatives (because let’s be honest, not all of us are doing enough IGTV or Zoom fitness classes to burn 4 days of heavy food and plenty of chocolate, and I *might* be one of them).

I knew I wanted to cook something with aubergines as my dad would do, and after looking through my dusty cookbook I finally found one: an easy peasy smoky Baba Ghanoush recipe for the slow cooker. I’ve tried it before, and I loved it! The good news is that it’s literally impossible to get wrong.

To make it, all you need is 1 aubergine (enough for 2 people), 1 clove of garlic, 1 tbsp of tahini and 1 tbsp of olive oil. Peel and chop the aubergine and put all the ingredients in the slow cooker on high for 3 hours. Then you just need to blend/mash it all and scoop into a bowl to serve, with a bit of olive oil on top if you want (yum!). I always have it with some fresh pita bread but it also goes well with your favourite crudités. Now, I’m finally ready to FaceTime my family at dinner time with an almost full glass of wine and enjoy part of a meal with them (and of course to prove my aubergine dish is better than my dad’s!)”

To keep you going…

Spicy cucumber margarita by Half Baked Harvest from our founder, Kira

“You bet I’ll find any excuse to whip up a new version of my favorite drink ever, the margarita. Though I’m definitely the kind to opt for original versions whenever possible, circumstances make me want to think outside of the box and look for ways to spice up my go-to. Easter celebrations may not necessarily include a blend of tequila + orange liqueur, but you can just serve these up as part of your usual drinks set up.

Now moving onto the drink itself, I recreated it as soon as I spotted Tieghan from Half Baked Harvest making it on her Instagram Stories. It’s so easy and the added spicy touch is a bonus! You won’t need much and you can omit the orange liquor if you don’t have any on hand. You’ll find me answering Slack messages all weekend long while sipping on one of these gems!”

Get the recipe here!

The main event…

Vegetable and lamb dish by my brother from me, Aurore

“You could say I come from a fairly traditional French family (some may even say “very” French family), but having barely lived in France itself and travelled for most of my life, I tend to put even more importance in all the traditions we have as a family. Ever since I’ve lived in the UK and even when I lived in the US and Canada, this is the first time that I won’t *physically* be with my family for Easter which, I gotta admit is a strange feeling!

As my mother says however, “it isn’t because we are not together this year that we can’t continue sharing our love for our traditions, delicious foods and wine” which is why this year, I plan to have the exact same main dish as last year which was a gorgeous lamb dish cooked for over a long period of time in the oven, served with beautiful vegetables to add some freshness and colour. I still remember how hot it was last year during Easter which is where the photo below comes from!

If you would like a veggie option, I recommend going a bit more British and going for Jamie Oliver’s vegetarian wellington recipe which is a popular choice for the holidays!”

Get the recipe here! I know it’s in French, but Google will translate it for you

To finish…

Healthier copycat reese’s eggs by Rachel Mansfield from our founder, Kira

“As circumstances look slightly different this year, I won’t have the chance to participate in any egg hunt or paint eggs over breakfast on Easter morning. Sure I could do the above solo, but it’s not as fun as with family and friends. Instead I’ll be creating my own version of chocolate eggs and recreating this delicious recipe by trusted The Weekly Cut favorite, Rachel Mansfield.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of anything peanut butter + chocolate, and I’ve had my fair share of Reese’s peanut butter cups over the years. But since I won’t be hitting the gym anytime soon, I’m settling on a healthier version that tastes just as good as the real stuff. Trust me and make these as soon as you finish reading this – they only require 4 ingredients and 0 baking time. Does it get any better?”

Get the recipe here!

To keep the festivities going…

Easter egg hunt with the TWC team, by one busy finance gal Lisa

“As I sat with my boyfriend about to play our twelfth game of scrabble for the week (full disclosure, I have been Googling words), I remembered that this weekend is Easter. Four glorious days off! Then also came the thudding reminder that we were in quarantine. So… what to do? I am an awful cook so baking a lopsided cake was ruled out. I am also fed up of playing Uno and I definitely do not want to do Joe Wicks’ PE Class.

Then it came to me. An Easter Egg Hunt! Why not? Pros: lots of food, that we could share (wink, wink). Cons: none.So here are my top tips for Adult Easter Fun: Quarantine Style.”

Decide where it will be. Will it be around the whole flat or house? Do you have a garden? I chose the flat as we have a shared garden and (not to sound like Scooby-Doo) I did not want pesky kids stealing my food!

Establish what to eat. Buy about 15 small items that you are prepared to hide. They should be ideally no bigger than the palm of your hand so you can hide them places easily. In the interest of not having a sugar coma, I mixed it up with the food. I bought some small chocolate treats, small packaged cheeses, small protein balls and some small fruit snacks. You can even do alcohol miniatures if you would like! Actually… I might do that.

Research clues. You can buy pre-made clues online (Amazon or Not on the High Street sell them) but these can be a little less personal. What I have done is written rhymes on pieces of cards (credit card sized) and hidden them around the house. Example: This is the place you sit after a working day, full of your favourite games to play. Answer: It’s behind the PlayStation.

Select your prize. This should be a biggie! I’ve gone with a Hotel Chocolat egg because I love them but yours can be whatever you want.

Do the hunt and have a great Easter! 

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