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Although our past two podcast-special articles were mainly focused around our addiction for crime and mystery, this month we’re taking a look at some of the best conversational and informative ones out there, to keep you on your toes and impress your dinner party guests some more.

There’s no denying how amazing this podcast boom has been in the last few years. We literally listen to them on our way to work, on the treadmill, whilst waiting at the pub for our friend who is always late, whilst we cook and even whilst we do our laundry… That’s right you could almost call us podcast addicts but can you blame us? The good news is that there are so many podcasts out there you’ll never run out of options, which is why we’re eager to share our latest selection and find out about the ones YOU’VE been listening to.

Second Life by Clique Brands

This series is 100% one to add to your list if you’re looking for some inspiration and virtual mentoring. Hosted by the co-founder of Clique Brands, Hillary Kerr, each episode will give you a direct insight into women that have become game changers in their fields and made a difference in the world. But rest assured, they don’t only discuss their success and careers, but also give advice they’ve learned along the way, as well as tips on how to handle stress and much more.

Who the Hell is Hamish?

We promised we wouldn’t go into crime documentaries so I guess this podcast is more of a *scam* story. Hamish Watson was a stereotypical Australian surfer dude from Sydney who managed to swindle his way to a $7 million fortune in a somewhat questionable way… In the fear to give too much away, we highly recommend you get on iTunes right away and see how he managed to escape authorities and dupe people around the world.

F**ks Given

In honor of International Women’s day, we shouldn’t be afraid to talk about sex and all things related to messy and sometimes embarrassing personal stories. Hosted by Florence and Reed, the ladies behind the sex-positive YouTube series Come Curious, this podcast covers honest, uncensored and relatable stories from what’s gone on beneath the sheets of all of their guests… This podcast is a great choice to open up conversations you might not often think about, but also celebrate body positivity and sexual freedom!

Beauty Bosses

Dr. Lara Devgan is an American plastic surgeon based in NYC who is also the CEO of her skincare line Scientific Beauty. But she is also a major beauty enthusiast. In this podcast, the doctor chats to other fellow industry leaders who are changing and shaping the beauty, fashion and wellness industry for the better. Our favorite episode? It’s hard to decide, but we did enjoy her interview with Nell Diamond, the founder of Hill House Home.

The last days of August

Jon Ronson is one of our most cherished journalists and we couldn’t recommend this podcast enough. This is a pretty somber story about the life and death of August Ames, a porn performer who killed herself in 2017 at only 23 years old. The podcast investigates the aftermath of her mediatised death, the way her husband dealt with it and the darker and unspoken side of the porn industry. Only downside? It’s on Audible…

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