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We’re so thankful for all of you this year, and as you already know from the past years, we absolutely love reminiscing at the inspiring year we’ve all had together. We’ve introduced new columns this year, as well as introduced more men-fashion inspired pieces and we wanted to thank you all, you loyal shoppers, for sticking with us.

There has been a wide range of topics this year. Between our interviews with numerous entrepreneurs such as the team at Nouvel Heritage, the fantastic lip expert Sara Happ and Silje’s exclusive rental company, and our booming beauty page filled with tips and product reviews, we’re not sure what we want to celebrate most!

To make it easier for us however, we’ve looked at the top 3 most read stories, the 3 items that you’ve most added to your carts, and finally which image or post you’ve adored on our social feed! We hope you have a lovely holidays with your families this week and can’t wait to look into 2020’s fashion trends, and much more!


This year’s most popular article, was no other than “Retinol For Dummies: A Beginners’ Guide To The A313 Pommade” by our beauty contributor. This isn’t very surprising for the team here at TWC, as we all know how important skincare is nowadays. Retinol however, is a derivative of vitamin A, and it’s filled with great ingredients for the well-being of our dry and sometimes harsh skin.

The second most read article this year was no other than a piece in one of our favourite columns: “Best Celebrity Style Of The Week“. The one you all liked best however, was the one featuring the gorgeous Hilary Duff. Could this be because of the Lizzie McGuire remake??

And finally, the third most popular article this week was the one about one of the biggest questions of our time. “Friends With Benefits, Is It A Thing?“. But we’re curious, which article did you most enjoy reading this year, and why? Let us know in the comments below!


This year’s top products were from some of our favourite retailers such as COS, Urban Outfitters and White + Warren. The most popular brand however that you all seem to love to click on was the one and only Mango! We honestly can’t blame you as this year’s Mango collections were simple out of this world.

What we’re hoping for the next year is to introduce more and more sustainable brands and push you towards the most eco-friendly fashion lifestyle as possible!


Finally, to round up the best of this year’s content we have got to take a look at our social feed. As most of you already know, we mostly like to populate our Instagram feed with hilarious snaps from our favourite TV shows, aesthetically pleasing beauty products, as well as the best styles from the fashion archives.

We had a very good year at the TWC and have had a 80% increase in our audience reach which is very exciting! We’ve decided to look at the most likes this year in terms of how popular our posts have been, and believe it or not, the most liked post of the year is no other than an explosive picture of a beauty face mask! This only highlights the growing popularity of our beauty section.

In second and third place are no other than the most famous super models of the 90s. Have you guessed it yet? Kate Moss in a gorgeous slip dress and Claudia Schiffer with her stunning smile!


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Poke, Prod, Peel and Scrub: The Most Satisfying At Home Skincare Treatments 🚿🧼🧽 Shop today’s story via 💊

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