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Just a few months back we took a look at the way Instagram changed the way we eat and how restaurants use the platform to benefit their own companies, but how has that same social media app changed the way we shop?

The reason why I wanted to write this piece is because I recently read an article claiming that women, today, are much more involved in the selection of their engagement ring, and are saving their dream rings on their Instagram feed. But not only are these millennial consumers much more involved in that process, they are also pushing jewellers to become IG influencers themselves.

How we shop for clothes…

So although engagement rings are what caught my attention, there are hundreds of other ways we, consumers, are influenced by IG regarding our purchases. Take a look at clothes for example and the way we’re now interacting with brands we like and follow their accounts. Not in a million years would I have thought that I would be following my favorite bikini brand on IG, because not only is it the ultimate tease (and incentive to get a new bathing suit) but it’s also the way to be sucked into this consumer world.

But since March 2018, shops have also bridged the gap between the client and their e-shop and do not need the help from influencers such as bloggers to buy their products, as we can now directly shop on their story (see photo below) without going via another website such as LikeToKnowIt.

Now that shops can directly sell their products from their feed, could that trigger the end of influencers, bloggers, and social media icons? I think it might just! But keep in mind that these bloggers might be losing the interest of companies, not because they are not efficient, but because a company would much rather be saving that time and money by doing it themselves.

How we design our houses…

The reason why these platforms are so popular and are such a successful marketing tool is mostly because of its visual feature, which brings us to how it has also influenced the way we care about our interiors. I for one, spend hours scrolling through beautifully curated accounts, full of stunning beige couches with shiny wooden floors and fluffy cushions, but have only recently become addicted to making my home as cozy as the ones on my feed. Never before had I bought an interior design magazine, or gone to a furniture shop for fun (unless dragged by my parents).

How we plan special events…

And finally, as mentioned earlier, IG has 100% changed the way we plan our proposals, weddings or even holidays – but where exactly is this success coming from and how is it impacting our lives to this extent? For one, the same way online shopping changed the life of many of us, IG enables our dreams to only be a simple click away. And by that – I mean that not only have we got all kind of home magazines in one device, but we also have all our favourite shops, dream holiday destinations and anything we need in our pocket, at all times.

Is it a bad thing? I don’t think so, but I do believe this accessibility can be negative for your wallet, but also for your well-being. It’s still important to get out, explore the world on your own and make sure we still have a mind and opinion of your own. Let your future husband pick your ring, let your mom help you decorate your home and head to the mall once in a while because at the end of the day, social media is not everything, and is built to manipulate your choices. So go against the flow, and become your own person whenever you can put your phone away for just a few hours!


Images/Sources: Medium, Luxury Society, Evening Standard

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