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I know, I know we can’t stop talking about our love for our favourite fluffy canine but can you blame us? Not only are they a man’s best friend, but they are also adorable and give us more attention than our own mothers and partners… The only downside however, is that we all live in London here at TWC which means we have: limited living space, live in a busy and loud city but also have a somewhat tight budget. So as we were eager to purchase our first office dog, we take a look at the best breeds out there depending on shedding, personality and energy level.

According to this article in Forbes, every successful and happy office should have a pet. The main reasons for that is that they encourage the team to stay healthy by keeping away from their desk to go for a leisurely stroll; they help alleviate stress levels and are an ideal companion if you tend to work late or from home. Not forgetting that they also promote team bonding, laughter and generally a convivial office atmosphere.

Perhaps most importantly, dogs are real life companions. They don’t appear on a screen and don’t have a pause button, making them the best collaborators if you need this contact with reality and life.

So when we looked at all the benefits of having an office pet, we were pretty much convinced, but the next step was to decide which breed to get. We’re not going to lie, although we absolutely love our Tuesday yoga classes and strive to stay healthy and go for walks on our break, we’re not exactly the most active team when it comes to entertaining an excitable and high energy puppy, so we had to think about the amount of walks we were willing to give our new mascot as well as how much exercise it would require.

In order to narrow down the ideal breed for these specific demands, we took a look at the energy levels of our favourite breeds which usually vary from very high to very low. You might already know this, but the ideal dogs that fit this criteria are basset hounds, french bulldogs, pugs and chow chows.

Another major characteristic for us was the amount of shedding it would come with; because we surely can’t afford to keep our homes and office tidier then they already are. This might not be a very important factor for you, but as we decided to potentially co-own this new member of the team, we have to take all of our needs into considerations. Good news is, most of the low-energy dogs also have low shedding except for the chow chows. Other breeds that don’t shed excessively include terriers, griffons and poodles.

We of course also wanted a friendly dog that would be gentle with all of our office guests and cheerfully welcome new members of the team, which is why we researched breeds such as labradors, beagles and golden retrievers that are known to be some of the friendliest in the world. We couldn’t risk anything happening to a new contributor or family friend, so we came to the conclusion that this characteristic was the most important one.

Also looking for your ideal office dog? We highly recommend this website to see all the different personality traits dogs have! To tell you the truth, we still haven’t decided on the best breed for us and are still conducting our research, but if you have any recommendations, do let us know in the comments below!

Now, before you take your pick between the options above there are a few steps you need to make sure you follow, such as turning your office dog proof, setting a good and solid plan for keeping your pet happy, and finally, making sure everyone in the office is 100% ok with the idea of a friendly canine roaming around the hallways. Remember that dogs are not just for Christmas as mentioned in a previous article, so don’t take this decision lightly. 

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